Tremor Video DSP Inks New Deal With Alphonso, Expands TV Retargeting

The programmatic buy-side platform Tremor Video DSP will expand its TV retargeting solution to Canada as part of an expanded relationship with the TV data company Alphonso.

Tremor Video DSP and Alphonso have had an exclusive partnership for the past three years.

The renewal will keep that relationship going, while allowing for new capabilities in Canada. The companies say they are releasing “the first TV retargeting solution utilizing deterministic TV viewership data to launch in Canada.”

Tremor Video DSP’s TV retargeting solution allows marketers to target consumers who have viewed a TV ad. The company says it has worked with more than 300 brands on 6,000+ campaigns. Tremor Video DSP and Alphonso’s solution reaches over 34 million households.

Some newly reworked elements of the deal include the ability to reach gamers, based on specific game titles, pre-bid fraud filters meant to ensure brand safety, access to Alphonso’s 150 TV viewership segments, and access to Tremor Video DSP’s creative studio.

The Canadian expansion will help marketers that watch popular English and French TV networks, as well as major events like the Super Bowl and Oscars. As with the U.S. solution, advertisers will be able retarget both their own ads, and those that were delivered by competitors in their segment.

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