BMW Celebrates Diversity To Showcase Sporty X2 Model

The Challenge

BMW sought to position the sporty all-new BMW X2 as the fearless “rebel” of the BMW fleet. Yet, in order to sell the BMW X2 attitude and lifestyle to a new Modern Maverick target, the brand needed to break its own “luxury rules” and extend beyond traditional media partnerships to embrace this diverse audience. 

The LGBTQ community, possessing a bold and rebellious mindset to live life on their own terms, perfectly embodied both BMW’s Modern Maverick target and X2 manifesto of “Give No Explanations.” 

The Execution

Knowing this, it forged a partnership with Grindr, the world’s largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans and queer people, that would surprise consumers and get people talking about how BMW is paving a new, unconventional path towards luxury. It honed in on three key areas: Give them an opportunity to proudly celebrate their icons; provide them unique access to their heroes, and let them experience something unexpected. 

To channel all three touchpoints, the brand created the “Zero Filter Awards” (ZFA), a live event celebration of LGBTQ community champions who were speaking out without hesitation or apologies. Together with Grindr,it identified four Modern Maverick influencers, provided them a platform to tell their powerful stories through content, and built a ZFA hub within Grindr’s digital magazine extension, INTO. 

The hub provided a home where users could browse bios of the talent, access social updates, and, eventually, live-stream the event. BMW integrated brand creative consisting of custom content display, video relevant to the ZFA talent, and teaser videos for the upcoming awards event. Traffic was generated via Grindr and INTO social channels all using the hashtags #projectunfollow, #X2, #BMWUSA. 

The Zero Filter Awards were held on May 2 and globally streamed from Los Angeles where BMW branding lived within wall-mounted TVs, tables, cocktail bars, and a red carpet back drop. 

The Results

  • The partnership drove 2,900 BMW dealership visits.
  • 62% of those visits were attributed to the ZFA live event.
  • Grindr experienced its highest global traffic spike.

Key Takeaways

Create an event to champion your target audience.

Make an exception to your brand’s “rules.”

Partner with a social network that caters to your target audience.

This won the Multicultural/LGBT Media category in MediaPost’s 2018 Creative Media Awards.

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