Agile Methodologies Helps Small Companies With Teamwork

In a panel discussion about omnichannel teamwork, Nil Bertran Marimon, CRM team leader at Desigual, came up with a phrase that incorporates much of the challenge that companies like his face. He said it is “trying to change an emotional wall to a data wall.” 

Bertran Marimon spoke at MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit Europe on Thursday. Desigual sells “inclusive fashion that celebrates diversity,” according to its website.

In order to work across teams, he said, Desigual is using Agile methodology, which encourages collaboration between the customer and the team. It mainly works best at smaller companies.

Panelist Arno Selvini, head of CRM for Star Stable, a video game product for girls who like horses and an introduction to digital gaming, said Agile works for his six-year-old company with 140 employees. “There is less history, legacy and this allows us to work actively with Agile. We create company outcomes per quarter and this allows departments to create portraits around those outcomes.”

Bertran Marimon continued, “In the corporate world, it is difficult to succeed with Agile methodology.”

He says it is about the mentality and the aim of working together as teams. “Agile has informed us and we are collaborating a lot more than before.”

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