'Create & Cultivate' Launches Membership Program

Create & Cultivate has launched a membership program today to give businesswomen audience exclusive access to premium content, as well as other perks, like networking opportunities, monthly career mentor sessions and entrepreneurial resources.

The “Insiders” annual membership costs $140 a year, or $15 a month.

Create & Cultivate is an online platform and experiential company that offers women tips, tools and resources to “create and cultivate” their dream careers, covering topics from entrepreneurship to life as a working woman.



The audience demographic is 21 to 40 years old, but the bulk is young female entrepreneurs from 25-35. They range from those in corporate careers to those who own small businesses or start-ups.

Create & Cultivate puts on over 50 conferences a year, including three large-scale conferences and multiple free events around the country. They attract hundreds of attendees — up to 1,500 at the larger ones — and celebrities, such as Jennifer Hudson, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba.

Sponsors at the conferences include Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

“Offline and experiential is the heartbeat of the business,” CEO-founder Jaclyn Johnson told Publishers Daily. “The bulk of our revenue comes from brand sponsors and partnerships.”

Before the age of 30, Johnson launched and sold her first business, a digital marketing company called (No Subject).

“I was a solo female entrepreneur… and I went through a lot of trials and tribulations that you go through as a young female founder,” Johnson said. “But nothing online looked or spoke to me as a millennial women. Everything was outdated or skewed to a male audience.”

Seeing a space in the market for a company that could bring businesswomen together and offer resources and networking opportunities, Johnson “decided to go out and build it.”

Membership is a way to now scale the Create & Cultivate business further.

“We have this audience, but we are not monetizing them long-term,” Johnson said. "Membership was really a solution."

Create & Cultivate reaches 1 million people monthly across its platforms, including its site, newsletters and social. But just a portion of that audience is attending Create & Cultivate’s events.

“Not everyone can afford a plane ticket or the conferences," Johnson said. "So how do we close that gap and give everyone access to these events?”

The new membership offering gives Create & Cultivate’s audience unlimited access to videos of all of its digital panels throughout the year at every event, “from your living room,” Johnson said, and at a price point “that felt super accessible.”

It also offers monthly digital mentor sessions from a range of people, such as PR executives, lawyers and inspirational motivational speakers, to get members’ questions “asked and answered,” she said.

Members also get unique content, such as downloadable guides on how to create their own LLC, as well as pre-sale tickets to Create & Cultivate conferences and front-of-the-line passes.

“This gives access and education to women nationwide,” Johnson said. “This is for someone who can’t attend the conferences but wants access to information and an extra layer of access to diehard Create & Cultivate fans.”

Last year, the brand introduced its first book and podcast. This year, in addition to the new membership program, Create & Cultivate will announce the launch of its first direct-to-consumer product.

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