Marketers Can Now Optimize At The Speed Of Google

BightEdge on Monday released several innovations that enable marketers to collect real-time data to optimize campaigns on a variety of platforms, including YouTube and Amazon.

The platform is called BrightEdge Instant, and artificial intelligence makes it possible.

BrightEdge developers have integrated several capabilities in real-time into the company’s platform to power live, real-time research on demand, real-time rankings, and page-speed performance. 

This means the platform gives marketers up-to-the-second information in a variety of languages on research, rankings and recommendations for mobile and desktop search data, as well as commerce data from Amazon, and video data from YouTube.

Jim Yu, BrightEdge founder and CEO, believes this is the first time that marketers can optimize SEO campaigns in real-time data. They no longer need to use historical data. Yu also believes the company is pioneering vertical search optimization (VSO) by integrating video from YouTube and ecommerce from Amazon into the BrightEdge Instant platform.



“You have to be able to optimize at the speed of Google,” Yu said.

Google announced Caffeine in 2009, which became one of the most important algorithm updates because it started the search industry on the road to real time data.  

Google described Caffeine as the “next-generation architecture for Google's web search.”

Consumers and their demand for information in real-time is the motivation behind the move. “When you search for shoes it will show you real-time inventory at Macy’s,” Yu said. “Consumers want an instant response.”

BrightEdge Instant enables marketers to understand at that instant what is happening with their SEO campaign, and provides data around trends and what is happening in search results.

The tools also allow marketers to check in real-time page performance and content.

"It may be at that moment the campaign needs to drive more social media or another type of content," he said.

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