Design Publisher 'Hunker' Creates Furniture Line

Home design site Hunker has designed a furniture collection, called Hunker Made.

This is Hunker’s first branded product line, designed by its creative team.

The collection, which officially launched this week, is made up of “The Rui" — two tables in different sizes: a square ($179) and a rectangle ($249). The tables come in three different shades of white, gray and teal.

The tables were created with the aim of multifunctionality and versatility, built to last without taking up too much space, Eve Epstein, editor-in-chief of Hunker, told Publishers Daily. They can be used as a table, bench, stool or nightstand.



The collection is “unpretentious, but has a purity to it,” Epstein said, with details like powder-coated steel legs on the tables.

The furniture line is part of Hunker's moves into other avenues to connect with its audience, beyond digital content. Hunker House, a three-level home in Venice, California, opened in January as an experiential opportunity for content creation, brand storytelling, events and partnership activations.

It serves as a design lab, where the Hunker team can explore trends, host influencers, create custom content and stage trends and products for original photography.

The photos for Hunker Made were taken at Hunker House. 

Epstein said Hunker will produce content around its branded furniture pieces to further market the collection to its audience.

The team will gauge its audience interest in the products before before expanding the collection, she said. 

In 2020, there are “big plans” for Hunker, Epstein teased, adding she wants to expand Hunker House.

“We are always looking at the landscape and seeing where we can provide value,” Epstein said. She noted it is important to ensure each new offering from Hunker can generate revenue for the company.

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