Ad Council Forms Partnership With NYIAX, Opens Door To Donations From New Publishers

The Ad Council has formed a partnership with NYIAX, an upfront marketplace and contract management platform, gaining access to their innovative technology and hundreds of premium high-profile digital media publishers.

Publishers donate every ad the Ad Council runs. The Ad Council receives more than $1 billion in donated media annually.

NYIAX provides the marketplace for the Ad Council to connect with publishers that donate the inventory. In the platform, the Ad Council can manage the contracts and gain access to transparent reporting techniques.

The idea is to run “purpose-driven marketing campaigns in donated media,” said Greg Kelly, director of media strategy for the Ad Council. This new relationship gives the Ad Council access to more than 400 publishers, including premium sites, that are largely focused in the Comscore top 250. These publishers experience high sell-through rates that benefit from NYIAX's contract management and workflow tools.



NYIAX -- built through a partnership with NASDAQ in 2015 to power more than 115 platforms within the capital markets -- now supports media and advertising, proving the technology has the capability to work in other areas.

Advertisements running through NYIAX give the Ad Council the ability to reach millions of individuals across the United States with PSA assets that were not available in the past. The initial campaigns, which kicked off earlier this year as digital video ads and display, included End Family FireLGBT Acceptance, and Love Has No Labels.

Kelly said many of the top creative agencies work with the Ad Council on a pro-bono basis to build the advertising campaigns. Brands also work with the Ad Council to expand on messages.

For example, the Ad Council, R/GA and major brands launched “We Are America,” an extension of the iconic Love Has No Labels campaign, on Independence Day. The campaign explains that love for country is love for the people who make up this country.

The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, P&G, Unilever and State Farm, Google and Johnson & Johnson supported “We Are America” by promoting content across their channels. 

“All these issues are at the forefront of everyone’s mind,” Kelly said. “We wanted to test these controversial issues with publishers.”

The digital advertising inventory donations will run through the end of year in hopes of extending the partnership between the Ad Council and NYIAX into 2020, Kelly said.

Kelly said many of the top creative agencies work with the Ad Council on a pro-bono basis to build the advertising campaigns.

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