What You Read: The 'Connected Thinking' Top 10 In 2019

Drones, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are among the topics of the top-10 stories read here this past year.

Here are the-most read Connected Thinking stories of 2019:

CVS Makes First Residential Drone Delivery

Through a deal with UPS Flight Forward, CVS delivered a medical prescription to a consumer’s home.

Google Glass Is Back, This Time For Businesses

Google took another shot at augmented reality glasses.

McDonald's Installs AI-Powered Menus To Predict Orders

The chain tapped artificial intelligence to customize its outdoor digital menu displays.

Augmented Reality Familiarity Depends On Age

Some areas of Internet of Things technologies play better in some demographics than others.

Advertising Coming To Connected Shelves In Grocery Stores

The Kroger Company and Microsoft introduced a collaboration to create a connected store experience involving smart shelves.

Grocery Store Robots Coming To Hundreds Of Stores

Grocery shoppers come face-to-face with hordes of new robots in the aisles in stores across the country.

Burger King Taps AR To 'Burn' Competitors' Ads For Free Whopper

Using an AR feature in the Burger King app, consumers in Brazil could aim their phone at the ad of a competitor.

Porsche Links Virtual Reality Experience To Car Movements

Porsche takes a crack at what passengers might do for entertainment while riding in connected vehicles.

72% Notice In-App Mobile Ads That Match Their General Interests

With an increasingly connected world, consumers get to see ads pretty much wherever they are.

100 Million Customers Projected To Shop Using AR Next Year

There are lingering questions about when and if augmented and virtual reality will become a big deal with consumers, at least at scale.

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