Atkins Q&A Campaign Turns Rob Lowe Into Google's Baby Yoda

Atkins took the question-and-answer marketing model to digital for 2020 with the Any Questions campaign featuring brand spokesperson Rob Lowe.

Questions that Lowe answers will come in through social media. The goal is to educate the public and disprove misconceptions about what it’s like to live on the Atkins low-carb diet. Each ad, running across television and digital media, will address a different theme.

The creative was executed by Acme Idea Company of Norwalk, Connecticut. The first ads will began airing on Dec. 30.

There’s an opportunity to Rob Lowe and Atkins to become the authoritative source for this market. Google has a dropdown menu in the search results that reads “People also ask” -- an area that Lauren Rockwell, director of SEO at Cogniscient Media, believes this type of campaign will have the greatest impact online and in search.

“The questions will become the new searches,” Rockwell said. “The way they search for Rob Lowe. The way they search for Atkins. The way they search for a lifestyle.”

Atkins will gain traffic and organic impressions from the questions. “The questions will be succinct with snarky answers and Rob Low could become the new baby Yoda,” Rockwell said. “It becomes a way people search for the brand and that’s how it’s associated.”

Lowe signed on for an additional three years to remain the Atkins spokesperson. The renewal includes equity, and positions Lowe as a creative strategic partner.

Authenticity also plays a role in this campaign. The actor has followed an Atkins' approach to eating for more than 20 years, and it has been his choice to live a low-carb lifestyle.

It’s no secret that video Q&As on a brand’s website or on YouTube are one of the best ways for Google to recognize a brand as a leading source in its respective space when it comes to optimizing and ranking pages on websites in search results.

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