Samba TV Works With Amazon To Create New Attribution Model

Samba TV is working with Amazon to build out an attribution model that allows brands to confirm a television ad leading to a purchase without the companies or the brands sharing any identifiable customer data.

The move is part of Amazon’s cleanroom project that Aden Zaman, SVP of strategy and business development at Samba TV, says the marketplace plans to integrate with its recently announced Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data exchange.

Once Amazon builds in an identity graph within AWS, it will enable Samba to offer an attribution model, Zaman said. “Amazon is working on an integration for the AWS marketplace for the data to become available in their cleanrooms,” he said.  

Samba TV, which provides TV data and audience analytics, in January announced a collaboration with AWS, making its TV data available within the AWS Data Exchange. The recently launched service aims to make it easy for AWS customers to securely find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud.



Zaman said Samba is the first data set to be featured in the AWS marketplace, but the company's competition like Prosper Insights begs to differ. Samba and Amazon have worked together in several ways during the past few years. “We do quite a bit of work with Amazon to help them understand how advertising [cues] into their Originals,” he said.

He said that historically Amazon has focused on allowing advertisers to only use Amazon data, but now they have begun to expand that by allowing customers to use other data including Samba TV data sets -- for example, knowing whether someone watched a TV commercial and made a purchase of a product on Amazon -- entertainment products and all types.

The data can be used to plan digital advertising by matching TV viewership and purchase data without using identifiable customer information.

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