Yext No Wrong Answers Campaign Tells Companies What Site Visitors Want To Know About Them

Yext launched the No Wrong Answers integrated marketing campaign to help organizations determine how well they are answering questions that people want answered on their company’s website.

The campaign offers a free trial from the search experience company’s product called Answers.

The advertising campaign — which will run on connected TV, digital, social channels, and podcasts including a takeover of NPR’s business and innovation shows — identifies the types of customer searches that clients have seen on their own websites during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A pre-roll ad will also run across ad-supported channels like Hulu as well as Roku and other television apps.

Yext's No Wrong Answers Challenge tells companies the top 10 questions that customers ask about them them on their site. “The crisis created an opportunity to do some good, put it out into the world for free,” said Josh Grau, chief brand officer at Yext. “We’ve always talked about the value of correct information and the concept of perfect answers, but that’s a bit of an abstraction.”

Grau said companies — especially restaurants — are getting asked things like “what are your hours of operation,” “do you deliver,” and “what is on your menu.”

It's become more important than every for companies to have complete and accurate information on their websites during the pandemic, trying to answer every question site visitors may have about the company or its products and services. 

When someone enters their company or organization’s name and URL into the No Wrong Answers Challenge, they are presented with the top 10 questions being asked about their brand online, followed by screenshots of how their website answers — or doesn’t answer — those questions. Then they grade those answers as either “correct” or “wrong,” which generates a score and an overview of their website’s performance by Yext.

As part of the campaign, Yext built a custom website featuring the No Wrong Answers Challenge, an interactive quiz-like experience where a business or organization can get a free assessment of how well their website answers the most popular questions people ask about them.

The campaign was launched after several states — Alabama and New Jersey — along with the U.S. State Department, wanted to know specific answers to questions about COVID-19, Grau said.

Any person can go to Yext’s campaign-specific website to see the top 10 popular searches for a business. For example, those who visit the Cleveland Clinic might find questions such as “how to pay cleveland clinic bill online” or “what does cleveland clinic specialize in.” 

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