Three-Way Tech Stack Helps B2B Brand Improve ROI

A three-way collaboration between 6sense, Drift and helped PTC, a technology firm serving manufacturers, improve its ROI and snare the SiriusDecisions Program of the Year award.

PTC sought the ability to identify and prioritize target accounts based on purchase intent and engage buyers in the right channels. 

Above all, it wanted to become a customer-centric company — a “huge endeavor that isn’t solved by simply undergoing 'digital transformation' with the newest solution on the market,” states Mariana Prado Cogan, SVP of digital marketing, strategy and operations at PTC.

6sense, Drift and contributed the central components of PTC’s new technology stack.

Here are the results from phase 1 of the initiative: 

  • More than $20 million in new-new pipeline for PTC’s IoT and AR business 
  • 57,000 new contacts to PTC’s marketing automation and CRM 
  • 9,200 hours saved by automating the logging of 526,000 accounts to Salesforce since July.



In addition, PTC is now able to:

  • Identify unknown in-market accounts
  • Segment accounts based on “intent keyword, predicted buying stage, engagement grade, web activity, and existing vs. whitespace designations.”
  • Drive agile action across the marketing and sales organizations with an intuitive interface
  • Create intelligent dashboards to facilitate rolling of new capabilities into existing segmentation.

Moreover, PTC is able to “foster alignment between marketing, sales, and customer success, which has given us cleaner, robust data, resulting in more pipeline,” Prado Coogan continues. 

What's next? "Together, we have a new path forward where customers immediately get value through a personalized experience that emotionally connects and builds trust," Prado Coogan adds. 

6sense is an account engagement platform that the firm says helps B2B brands deploy AI and Big Data.

Drift is a conversational marketing platform that combines chat, email, video, and automation to streamline business buying. provides an AI-powered revenue intelligence system by automatically capturing contact and customer activity data.

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