Amazon Still First Place Many Consumers Search For Products

Whether it’s searching for the elusive Lysol wipes or a black dress to wear during a Google Meet or Zoom dinner video chat with friends, Amazon remains the first place many consumers still start their search for products. 

CivicScience asked more than 2,200 Americans about their online shopping habits -- specifically where they start when shopping for a product.

The data, pulled between May 14 and May 17, 2020, shows that 47% of respondents begin on Amazon -- nearly the same percentage reported in a prior survey last June. About 24% start on Google, 14% cite other, and 16% said they rarely shop online.

The pandemic has been a factor, according to data from CivicScience released Thursday, as more people shop online rather than in stores. 

When asked whether the participants shop online more or less then they typically would this time of the year, 86% said they shopped online more on Amazon, compared with 24% on Google. Some 54% said they shop about the same amount on Amazon, compared with 28% on Google, and 44% said they shop less on Amazon, compared with 26% on Google.

It makes sense that those with a Prime Membership typically begin their search on Amazon. It’s not clear whether free shipping is the appeal for members, or the convenience of finding many items in one place. 

The data does show that loyalty and age play a major factor. Adults 25 to 54 years old are very loyal, potentially because younger Americans may have less buying power, and older Americans simply are not shopping online as much.

When shopping for a product online, 55% of those between the ages of 13 and 24 begin shopping on Amazon, compared with 17% on Google.

Some 59% of those ages 25 to 34 begin on Amazon, compared with 27% on Google. About 61% of those ages 35 to 54 start on Amazon, compared with 31% on Google. And 56% of those age 55 and older begin on Amazon, compared with 25% on Google.

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