For Social Influencers, All Roads Lead To... Kentucky?

Across the country, what states come to mind when you think about cultural influence? New York? California?

How about Kentucky?

Yes, the Bluegrass State is now home to the most socially connected folks in the country, according to new research from consulting firm Teneo.   

On average, Kentuckians boast 2,368 followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok. 

By contrast, the average resident of New York state has 1,456 social media followers.

According to influencer platform, Louisville, Kentucky is currently a hub for 444 top fashion, food, fitness, and lifestyle micro-influencers, while nearly half of the city’s residents post or update their social media accounts multiple times per day.

Right next door, meanwhile, Tennessee came in second in Teneo’s accounting of the most socially connected states in the country.

On average, Tennesseans have 2,281 social media followers, while Nashville boasts more than 2,576 social media influencers including musicians, photographers, chefs, celebrity trainers, and reality TV stars.

In terms of particular networks, Tennessee ranks highest on Instagram, with an average of 1,511 followers. That’s especially impressive given that the survey’s national average of followers on the platform was a mere 309 followers.

In another unexpected finding, Oregon ranks highest on Twitter, with an average of 785 followers compared to the survey national average of 186 followers.

For its part, Connecticut ranks highest on LinkedIn -- averaging 635 connections compared to the survey national average of 137 connections.

The survey also found that younger generations have the highest number of followers on Snapchat and TikTok within Indiana and Kentucky, respectively.

 In third place, overall, California residents average 2,135 followers, according Teneo.

From the Hollywood Hills to Santa Monica to the greater Los Angeles area, you’ll now find approximately 28,000 influencers, according to the firm’s calculations.

Californians can also claim the largest average number of friends on Facebook. The state has more than 19 million Facebook users, which means that about 50% of its residents are on the platform.

For its findings, Teneo said it surveyed 850 Americans ages 16 and up, at the end of April.

Meanwhile, states in the South, like Texas, Alabama, and North Carolina ranked high in terms of their average number of social media connections.
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