Verizon 5G 360-Degree Camera To Perform At Indianapolis 500

Verizon’s 5G Ultra-Wideband service, the fifth generation of cellular networks, went live at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home to the 104th run of the Indianapolis 500. It allows media companies to delivery content faster, even when fans cannot attend the races in person.

This year in the midst of COVID-19, Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), NBC and Verizon teamed up to make sure viewers at home have a unique front-row seat.

A high-definition, 5G-enabled, 360-degree camera will be placed on the infield. Fans can access an AR portal on their smartphone. They can control their view -- choosing their favorite angles or perspectives -- providing a unique, front row-style, viewing experience.

5G changes the way broadcasters produce events. They don’t need a remote truck onsite and can produce the event from anywhere in the world. For the viewer, 5G means they get to see more unique camera angles. The cameras are wireless, so shots can be moved around easily and unique angles can be captured. 

Faster transmission rates provide viewers at home with a more immersive experience. During these times, when they can’t attend sporting events due to COVID-19, a 360-degree camera on the track can upload the video over 5G, allowing viewers to access it with their smartphone or VR goggles and can see the whole track as if they were there.

Verizon teamed with IMS to host the public driver’s meeting, an annual event that occurs the day before the race, where fans get to wander through the garages and see all 33 drivers hours before the race starts.

The event will stream live on Verizon’s recently acquired BlueJeans platform on August 22, and on its Twitter and YouTube channels and IMS website.

NBC plans to demonstrate how 5G Ultra-Wideband can transform the way live sports broadcasts are captured and produced.

Verizon plans to have a 5G-connected broadcast camera on the track near the start-finish flag stand. The video from the camera will be streamed over 5G to the broadcast compound where NBC producers will incorporate select shots into the live broadcast.

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