Consumers Want Brands To Reference Current Events, COVID-19 In Ad Messages, NBCU Study Finds

A new survey shows consumers want brands to advertise at about the same level as before the COVID-19 pandemic, but with messaging that acknowledges current events, according to a study from NBCUniversal Advertising Sales.

The study shows that 69% of consumers want to see brands referencing current events -- including COVID-19 and other important issues -- and says about 81% are more likely to buy from and use brands that "help others when it’s needed most.”

When asked whether brands should advertise more, less or at the same level of advertising during a pandemic, around 61% of consumers want to see the same amount of advertising. About 24% said they would like more communication, and roughly 15% said they would like to see less advertising.

Almost three-quarters of consumers (72%) plan to be "more thoughtful about" brands they support post-crisis. At the same time, 69% say they plan to continue their usual spending after the pandemic crisis.

The research was collected from March 20 through May 15 among 6,130 U.S. video viewers age 18 and older who watch five or more hours a week of TV and video content.




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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, August 28, 2020 at 12:12 p.m.

    So, if I'm a tomato sauce brand, I've got to include the latest news about COVID-19, or the presidential election, or peace in the Middle East in each commercial as my campaign runs its course? Just goes to show you that an average consumer who rsponded to this study is clueless about how advertising works to say nothing of the logistics of attempting such a thing. LOL.

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