Semcasting Launches Self-Serve Identity Resolution, Audience Design, Attribution Platform

Semcasting, creators of the patented IP and device-targeting technology, will announce the general availability of Activate, a self-service data identity (ID) resolution audience design and attribution platform.

The Activate platform was built in direct response to the demand for better control and transparency in the management of first-party data. It took several years to build the identity graph to make the self-service platform work. The beta began in mid-June.

“It’s based on our IP graph and we probably have about 450 million devices incorporated into the system,” said Ray Kingman, CEO at Semcasting. “We support connected television and have a relationship with Comcast Freewheel.”

This end-to-end solution means it goes from supporting tagging to first-party, third-party and attribution. Kingman says the “only thing we’re not doing is serving ads.”

There are different types of ID alternatives, but companies have discovered that many marketers don’t have any type of plan in place. In one study Liveintent found 39% of marketers and publishers still don’t have a firm plan to prepare for the end of third-party cookies.

Liveintent, a marketing platform that reaches 290 million logged-in people each month through 2,500 brands and publisher partners, polled senior marketers and publishers from small to-midsize firms and found that of the 61% of respondents who do have a plan in place, 48% do not have confidence in it.

Some 64% are at least somewhat concerned about the future of advertising as it relates to the phasing out of the third-party cookie, and 34% felt email was most important for both identity and monetization.

Rather than attempt to create a cookie replacement or a universal ID that may re-engineer today’s vulnerabilities, Activate introduces the concept of what Kingman calls a “federated ID,” where users on each platform have their own unique ID for each use.

Scrutiny over privacy has increased.

This distributed ID solution is intended to protect consumers and marketers, and reduce the risk.

Brands are more cautious about the management of their customer relationship management (CRM) data. Black-box digital onboarding processes and a need for better match rates with faster time-to-market is driving brands to consider cookie-free alternatives.

Semcasting’s platform loads first-party data locally and strips out the identifying marks during the matching process. Then it syncs the data to the unique user ID of each media platform.

User data is never copied or stored.

When the campaign is complete, Activate is able to re-sync media use of the IDs across multiple platforms in support of measurement and attribution. Activate is directly integrated with all leading buy- and sell-side platforms including Roku, Google, Xandr, Facebook, Adobe and others.

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