Netline Debuts B2B Intent Data Service

NetLine Corporation has launched a platform to help B2B marketers leverage intent data to build sales.

The new tool, Intent Discovery, is deigned to help brands gain access to “first-party scale beyond their own content,” states NetLine CEO Robert Alvin.

Alvin argues that historically, marketers had to “rely on a mix of their own content initiatives and faceless display advertising campaigns focused on targeting anonymous third-party cookies" to gain intent data on prospects.

Intent Discovery is based on B2B content-consumption behavior. 

It can help marketers identify the person they need to reach in the buying committee — an improvement over account-level and persona-only solutions offered by third-party vendors, NetLine states.

NetLine claims it reaches 125 million unique visitors and processes over 700,000 leads per month across 300 industry sectors.

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