Contextual Advertising Moves To Next Stage In 2021

The advertising industry continues to benefit from Israel’s economy, mostly driven by innovation in electronics and communication technologies as a result of investments in the country's defense infrastructure.

Israel-based Madgicx CEO and co-founder Yahav Hartman believes that in 2021, creative intelligence technology will help machine learning (ML) to fully understand creative context.

For example, today artificial intelligence (AI) and ML can recommend using blue instead of red as the dominant color in an advertising image based on historical ad performance. But this is just the beginning.

Marketers in 2021 will begin to see advancements in AI and machine-learning technologies that will enable an understanding of the contextual effect of objects, texts, and situations as part of a bigger picture -- and will make recommendations based on the data.

“Next year we’ll start seeing technology that will understand an ad for a sportswear brand should include images and videos, ad copy, and fonts relevant to sportswear, generally, and that brand, specifically,” Hartman said. “Then optimize the content according to the local season where each ad appears depending on location.” 

Some might think it is relatively easy to base predictions on technology in development. Madgicx’s developers are working on this challenge, and will test the technology in the coming months.

To prepare for the transition, in December Madgicx rolled out a suite of creative intelligence tools to improve return on ad spend and other key performance indicators (KPI) for brands across Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Using technology that automatically tags all creative elements -- including product images, ad copy, creative, and video -- in each ad format and matches them against all targeting categories, Madgicx enables digital marketers to optimize campaign performance based on comprehensive data analysis.

The platform uses object recognition and computer-vision technology, which Google uses to match images, in order to enable marketers to focus on high-performing attributes that heighten the ability to drive successful campaigns.

The technology recognizes an object, a product, a person’s image, a phrase, an emoji, a creative type, format, or dimension, or a specific promotion. This allows marketers to instantly control content across all products, regions, and target audiences.

A dashboard with icons for all ad and creative unit types features a creative matrix that allows marketers to view each ad unit to identify higher-performing as well as underperforming ads.

Madgicx then enables marketers to filter each ad according to its creative type, ad dimensions, placement, audience age and gender, device type, and funnel stage — from acquisition and retargeting to retention. This provides a data analyst’s view for restructuring campaigns to improve performance.

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