Google Cloud Increases Momentum For Retail, Apps

Google has been pushing services into the cloud -- not only its own, but others that support companies through the approximately 4,219 apps in its marketplace., which focuses on reputation experience management, today announced that its platform services are available in Google Cloud Marketplace. Customers worldwide can access the platform as part of their tech stack to manage their business listings, reviews, surveys and more. The app allows businesses to use feedback to create a competitive advantage.

In addition to a growing number of apps in its cloud marketplace, Google Cloud this week launched Product Discovery Solutions for Retail. It introduces search and recommendation capabilities that enhance consumer engagement and improve conversions across their digital properties.

Product Discovery Solutions for Retail is a suite of products built to enhance ecommerce capabilities and personalized consumer shopping experiences.

It's no surprise that many retailers -- especially small- and medium-sized businesses -- struggled with the shift to online as consumers looked for ways to shop as they attempted to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As more shopping came online, retailers faced pressure to prioritize ecommerce improvements, while also driving bottom-line sales for their businesses. 

As part of the suite, Recommendations AI enables retailers to deliver highly personalized product recommendations, and Vision API Product Search allows retailers to adapt to how today’s consumers are finding exact or similar products with an image. Recommendations AI and Vision API Product Search are available now.

Then there is Google Cloud Search for Retail -- available only in private preview -- which pulls from Google’s understanding of user intent and context to provide retailers with high-quality product-search functions that retailers can embed in their website and mobile applications.

In December, Google Cloud’s acquisition of Actifio, which focused on data backup and disaster recovery (DR), extended the business into helping customers protect and manage virtual copies of data and use these copies in areas such as application development and testing.

The cloud division also began offering training at no cost to earn Google Cloud skill badges in four tracks: Getting Started, Data Analytics, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud, and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Users sign up for their preferred skills challenge to receive free access to Google Cloud labs foe 30 days. And in August, the company introduced Workflows, an addition to Google Cloud’s application development and management tool set.

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