Google To Remove Showcase Shopping Ads

Google will remove Showcase Shopping ad groups and stop serving the ads starting April 1, but performance data, deleted ads and ad groups will remain available in account reports.

Showcase Shopping ads allow marketers to group a selection of related broad-general term products and present them together to introduce the brand to consumers. The products are shown to searchers who type in broad, general terms like laptops or refrigerators.

"We tried it, but the reporting was spotty," said Jonathan Kagan, VP of search at agency 9Rooftops. "Without much data to support it, I suspect it really never took off, which is probably why it is changing."

Showcase Shopping ads are designed to help consumers who are searching and have not yet decided on what to buy and from where. The ads are intended for consumers who have not yet decided on a brand, but are exploring all options.

Google said that following the deadline for removal, layouts for previous Showcase Shopping ads will become part of Product Shopping ad groups.

Today, Showcase Shopping ads, which launched in 2017, are available in many countries -- from Australia and Brazil, to Taiwan and the United States.

Advertisers could monitor theperformance of campaigns in a few key places in Google Ads such as product group page, products page, dimensions page, auction insights report, and bid simulators.

The email sent to advertisers on Tuesday, alerting them of this action, states that they do not need to take further action. “Previous Showcase Shopping ad layouts like the merchant carousel are now part of Product Shopping ad groups. These ad groups may now dynamically feature your products in these new layouts, which could increase your ad traffic.”

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