New Platform Democratizes Retail Performance Data For Small, Emerging CPGs

NielsenIQ, the consumer research division that spun off from Nielsen earlier this year, has launched its first new product, and it's one that provides retail analytics to small CPG brands so they can manage their performance as they grow.

Called Byzzer, the platform is specifically designed to create actionable insights to help small and emerging consumer packaged goods marketers in the food, beauty, pet care, alcohol, and, yes, even cannabis industries drive growth and market share.

One of its big selling points, Nielsen IQ says, is it doesn't require an "army of analysts" to use it.

“Data inequality isn’t new to retail,” explains NielsenIQ Chief Revenue Officer Susan Dunn, adding: “Emerging brands, especially in CPG, are bootstrapping their way to growth when it comes to data because there has never been an opportunity to harness the insights available to larger competitors. “With this launch, NielsenIQ is evening out the playing field — we created Byzzer to give every SMB the insights to create strategies that win more customers, loyalty, and shelf space. We’re sparking a revolution that will infuse the marketplace with brand diversity and fresh, innovative products to consumers.” 



There are two small business-friendly aspects of the platform, including a weekly email intelligence alert that goes directly into the inbox of the CPG exec providing sales data from more than 90,000 stores and 100,000 U.S. consumer households. The other element is more in-depth, periodic "brand and market trend reports" that explicitly analyze the company's brand performance across multiple markets, retailers and product categories so the marketing team can justify -- or adjust -- its decisions.

The intent is to provide benchmarks so smaller marketers in the retail space can focus on what they do best: winning consumers.

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