Havas Teams With Teads In The Name Of The Consumer, The Publisher And The Holy Advertiser

In an unusual collaboration between a big media-buying agency and a supplier of digital video ad inventory, Havas Media Group this morning announced it is working with video ad network operator Teads to develop research to help publishers boost their ad prices by increasing consumer attention to the ads they serve.

The project, dubbed “Trinity” -- ostensibly because it serves a holy trinity of consumers, publishers and advertisers -- begins with a study analyzing at least “15 factors” that influence the attention consumers pay to advertising.

The factors -- which include aspects such as the publisher’s layout and the context of their content and advertising as well as ad formats, “saturation,” and audience demographic composition -- will be analyzed across 200 media properties in the U.S. and the U.K.

The companies did not say how long the research would be conducted, but they said it will combine “device events” with eye-tracking technology on both mobile and desktop.

“To better understand what makes the most meaningful media experience, we need to continue evolving measurement,” Havas Media Group Global Managing Director of Investments James Gyngell said in a statement announcing the effort, which follows the recent release of the 2021 edition of Havas’ global “Meaningful Brands” study.



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