Second Go-Around, Verizon Media Adds To Its Partnership With Catalina

Did that ad improve the way you measure targeting? Catalina Marketing, a media company that got its name from the island off the California coast, today announced its technology has become interoperable with Verizon Media ConnectID.

The goal of this extended partnership is to improve on measurement capabilities for CPG advertisers as companies lose the ability to track and target ads to consumers through the Google Chrome browser and other platforms.

“Following a disruptive year for CPGs, advertisers are now faced with impending cookie deprecation and further challenges to measurement and campaign performance,” said Brian Dunphy, senior vice president of channel sales and strategic partnerships at Catalina.

He believes it’s all about driving performance and measurement, and that as the industry shifts, marketers will begin to see companies with scale and ethically sourced data rise to the top.

Verizon Media ConnectID enables advertisers to reach audiences without the need for cookies. With 200 billion data signals daily, Verizon Media’s Identity Graph is built on opt-in, deterministic data from direct consumer relationships across a range of omnichannel, cross-screen touchpoints including mobile app, search, owned and operated sites and apps, email and more.



Verizon Media today reaches 148 million deterministic logged in users across more than 240 million unique profiles and 400 million unique devices, fueled by both direct consumer relationships and partnerships.

Catalina has access to 236 million digitally enabled unique shopper cards spanning 103 million U.S. households. It also has relationships with thousands of grocery stores, as well as drug stores, mass general, and convenience.

It’s not the first partnership between Catalina and Verizon Media. A partnership between the two companies announced April 1, 2021, made the media company the first demand-side platform (DSP) to integrate Catalina’s in-store data with online ads.

The partnership cemented earlier this year lets brands working with Verizon to link in-store and online shopping data to their digital ad campaigns in real-time. It works by matching Catalina’s sales data directly with Verizon Media’s identity graph.

Catalina has been busy forming partnerships. In May it formed a partnership with audio company and podcast publisher iHeartMedia to measure and attribute the impact of podcast advertising on offline sales in physical stores, which seems to represent the majority of CPG purchases, according to the company.

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