OOH Agency Talon America Debuts Data Management Platform Ada

Talon America, an Out of Home (OOH) agency with outposts in London and New York, has launched a proprietary data management platform, Ada, for the U.S. market.

The platform launched in the UK in 2019, with McDonald’s, Virgin Media, and Starbucks in Europe using the DMP for data-driven audience targeting strategies for their OOH campaigns.

“Ada can be used by advertisers to optimize their OOH campaigns to drive core KPIs,” said Jonathan Conway, Chief Operating Officer at Talon America. “For an audience that an advertiser would typically target online, Ada can trace insights into how that audience behaves in the offline world. The adtech platform understands patterns of anonymized consumer movement, generates a holistic view of behavioral groups, and provides advertisers with the best ways to find target audiences.”

Analysis from On Device Research compared the results of Ada optimized campaigns with campaigns that used standard OOH planning techniques. The study found an average uplift in brand consideration of 5.8% for Ada campaigns, vs. 3.8% for OOH norms. The study also found Ada campaigns deliver on average a 1.6% purchase intent lift, which is eight times greater than OOH norms (0.2%).

Ada generates intelligence on real and recent audience behaviors in the physical world, including how people travel, the OOH inventory they engage with, and the actions they take afterwards.

“Ada works by combining billions of raw data sets about real-world audience segments, audience movement, and OOH inventory,” continued Conway. “The algorithm then creates new intelligent insights about how people behave and how to effectively reach and engage them while on-the-go. It does this in a timely manner to ensure that changes in behavior are identified -- which is important as we navigate the start-stop nature of our current environment.”

Ada is also connected to Talon’s analytics partners -- Cuebiq for mobility data, Dstillery for audience data, and LoopMe for post-exposure data. These additional platforms can provide supplemental data, further define audiences, and measure campaign outcomes.









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