Yahoo Expands Identity Interoperability, Integrates With More Than 3,000 Publisher Domains

A week after Verizon Media changed its name to Yahoo, the company today announced an expanded partnership with NCSolutions, IRI, mParticle and others, making the Yahoo ConnectID solution interoperable across each.

Apollo Global Management completed the acquisition of Verizon Media on September 1, 2021, officially changing the company's name to Yahoo. 

ConnectID, which was introduced in December 2020, is an audience identity solution that does not rely on third-party cookies to help marketers improve the targeting of advertising campaigns among different devices.

The platform now integrates with more than 3,000 publisher domains, as more than 200 advertisers and agencies directly send first-party data through it.

Yahoo ConnectID is fueled by Yahoo's Identity Graph, built on deterministic data from consumers who opt-in across a variety of channels, such as mobile apps, search, owned and operated sites and apps, email, and more.

Advertisers using NCSolutions and IRI for ad measurement insights can sync Yahoo ConnectID directly with the data they have in those platforms. mParticle, which is a customer data platform, is a bit different in that users building customer segments in mParticle can now sync those segments inside of the Yahoo DSP to better target their campaigns.

The solution is cross-functional and collaborative and is capable of working at the capacity required across different protocols, standards, formats, and platforms, while ensuring data consumer privacy. It's also fueled by Yahoo’s first-party data and ID Graph, made possible via direct consumer relationships.

Cookies are restricted in Safari and Firefox browsers. Both represent around 40% of market share in the U.S., making interoperability more important.

The company also confirmed its growth of 148 million deterministic logged-in users across more than 240 million unique profiles and over 400 million unique devices, fueled by both direct consumer relationships and partnerships.

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