Holiday Shopping Is Early, Mobile And Revengeful

It may seem like a simple task. Brands and agencies want to create strategies to reach consumers, generate awareness and beat out competition. It’s not.

The shopping ecosystem became increasingly complex during the past year. Navigating this landscape can be daunting.

Channel Factory, an advertising performance platform for YouTube, recently conducted a survey of 1,085 consumers across the U.S. to determine how, where, and when consumers will shop this holiday season.

The company calls 2021 the year of revengeful shopping, because kids have been cooped up instead of being on the playground, while adults will be throwing holiday parties and going back to the office requires new clothes. 

It turns out that 64% of consumers said the COVID-19 pandemic will not impact their purchase decisions, compared with 63% who said it would impact their decisions just one year ago. 



Not only is COVID-19 less likely to impact consumer purchase decisions this year, 43% said they are likely to look to give electronics. Some 30% said they are likely to buy clothing, 13% beauty products, 9% jewelry, and 5% designer goods.

This is not the year to procrastinate about holiday shopping. The earlier the better, according to some -- especially now that consumers are aware of labor shortages and supply-chain disruptions such as rows of cargo ships are waiting to dock and unload cargo in the ports off the California coast in Long Beach and Los Angeles. I’ve seen this firsthand off the coast of Huntington Beach.

Some 43% plan to begin holiday shopping in October, while 69% will participate in holiday shopping online versus in physical stores. And when they shop, mobile is their preferred device, with 59% of consumers planning to shop online via mobile.

YouTube has become a popular influencer. Some 28% of consumers surveyed said they will use YouTube for holiday gifting inspiration, while 32% have purchased holiday gifts as a result of watching a YouTube video.

A RetailMeNot survey released in September notes that 37% of the 1,082 who participated began their holiday shopping between August and September -- if not earlier. Another 22% said they plan to begin shopping in October and 24% in November, ahead of Thanksgiving.

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