Tubular Labs Moves Beyond Social To Integrate Search Insights, Web Browsing

Tubular Labs -- a company that provides insights from a variety of platforms -- has added data from search and domain activity to its Consumer Insights product to support advertisers, creators and publishers.

The company has an interesting business model that enables it to see what people browse and search for on the open web. It gets data from “panel partners,” similar to Nielsen, which gain global opt-in data, including search data from Google, and Bing.

“The panels enlist real people,” says Jon Baron, CRO, Tubular. “We work with panels that track activity across 5 million devices. They have a broad view of search and site searching, and social media, too.”

The Consumer Insights product previously mapped viewing across social video, as well as shopping behavior on Amazon and Walmart. Now, it offers insights from data that com from search activity and views on web domains.

Media buyers, sellers, and creators face the challenge of growing their audience, something Tubular’s Consumer Insights platform addresses by correlating social video behavior to shopping data across two large retail platforms. It provides a window into consumer behavior through search and website visits. Not just intentions.  

Having a clear picture of where consumers are in the funnel has always been a challenge. 

“The economic situation is becoming challenging and there’s more pressure on marketers to identify why they invest in certain media,” Baron says.

For example, a major auto brand that was making decisions on where to spend dollars to increase sales with a strong ROI and had not yet tapped into the Crossover SUV audience was able to achieve major views by using the data, and found influencers to partner with who had access to this niche audience to get the right message out to the right audience.

The data flowing into Consumer Insights also comes from public video views across major social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and others.

The company, known for its measurement tools, in December 2021 launched a feature from Tubular Audience Ratings that shows the correlation between social video viewing and purchase activity on Amazon.

The platform does this by leveraging “global opt-in behavioral data panels and official measurement partnerships,” according to one report. The data attempt to connect “public video viewing across key social platforms and viewers’ subsequent shopping behaviors, such as product browsing, in-cart activities, purchasing and posting reviews on Amazon.” 

The additions of these services now lets Tubular Labs measure consumer actions, not just intentions, with the new release of Consumer Insights. Services include measuring shopping behaviors of social video viewers, website visitors, or keyword searchers; viewing behaviors of website visitors, ecommerce shoppers, or keyword searchers; visiting behaviors of ecommerce shoppers, social video viewer, or keyword searchers; and search behaviors of social video viewers, website visitors, or ecommerce shoppers.

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