Video Streamers This Summer Up 6% In Paid Spend, Media Advertising Value

Against a possible slowdown of streaming growth, video streaming platforms bought or placed through TV network promos slightly more in national TV advertising -- up 6% to $343.2 million this summer, according to estimates from

For the most recent period of May 18-August 18, paid national TV spend was $202.4 million, with media value from TV network promotional ads at $140.9 million for the period.

The prior-year period in 2021 had a total of $324.6 million (paid national TV spend at $161.9 million, with media value at $162.7 million).

But video streaming platforms got a bit less in the most recent period in terms of impressions: 46.5 billion down 5% versus 49.2 billion a year ago. There were a bit more airings a year ago -- 245,807 against 240,715 this time around.

Earlier in 2022, video streaming marketers were more active.



The previous three-month period (February 18-May 18) came in at $495.1 million in total media value/paid spend (paid TV $286.6 million, with media value at $208.5 million).

In terms of paid advertising, Amazon spent the most with $45.0 million, followed by Disney+ at $23.2 million, YouTube TV with $20.6 million, Apple TV+ at $16.3 million, and Hulu with $15.4 million.

Top individual TV spots in terms of impressions were Disney+ with “Ms. Marvel”; Disney+'s “Obi-Wan Kenobi”; Amazon Prime Video's “The Terminal List”; a Pluto TV brand spot; and Amazon’s “Thirteen Lives.”

Looking at TV promotion airtime, Disney TV networks have been big for Disney streaming platforms -- $33.8 million in media value for Disney+; $26.7 million for Hulu; and $5 million for ESPN+

Paramount Global gave Paramount+ $28.2 million in value from its national TV networks, with BET+ at $4.2 million.

Fox Nation got $12.8 million of value from the Fox Corp. TV networks, while NBCUniversal's Peacock total was $8.6 million from NBC TV networks.

Closely eyeing the new Warner Bros. Discovery company -- which closed its merger on May 17 -- the company cut back on its TV ad spend/promos for its streaming services, HBO Max and discovery+.

For the current period, it placed promos or bought TV commercials totaling $28.2 million versus $62.2 million in the same period a year ago.

This year it placed $8.9 million in media value for discovery+ on its networks (and $6.1 million in paid TV spend). A year ago, discovery+ benefited from a whopping $42.7 million in promo value.

This year, HBO Max came in at $3.8 million in promo value and $9.4 million in paid national TV -- comparable to a year ago, with $4.0 million in media value and $7.1 million in paid spend.

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