Old El Paso, Mindshare, Captify Partner On Optimizing Creatives

Old El Paso, a Mexican food brand from American food producer General Mills, and the media services WPP agency Mindshare have partnered with search intelligence platform Captify to optimize creatives that improve dynamic consumer experiences. 

Aditi Hilgers, head of meals at General Mills UK. believes real-time search data to amend creative in real time can deliver highly relevant content, without huge production costs. Those moments have established what Hilgers calls "a seamless moment that consumers now associate with our fajitas."

Captify and Old El Paso have been working together for more than two years, but this is their first public announcement of the partnership, according to Steve Pereira, president of UK at Captify. 



"Advertisers know that personalization across messaging and creative, combined with meeting consumers at the right stage of their journey, is the key to creating connections that count," he said. "Dynamic, creative optimization means advertisers can achieve that sought after personalization by producing multiple creative variations."

DCO means using different imagery or showcasing unique product attributes, and dynamically serving them to the right audiences in moments that spur action. Google and Microsoft use this technique.

Consumers are considering their purchases amidst the economic downturn and as the holiday season approaches. U.S. inflation remained high in August. Consumer prices rose 8.3% last month, near a four-decade high despite lower gasoline prices. The index, released Tuesday, rose 0.1% on the month. Core prices, with the exception of energy and food costs, rose 6.3%, compared with July.

"Every day, people are faced with numerous ads in multiple environments and with the window of opportunity to hold consumer attention shorter than ever, each touchpoint needs to resonate," Pereira said. "Consumers expect relevance and advertisers must meet those expectations or risk harming the relationship."

DCO provides the pipes to customize ad experiences, but if the data and insights powering the creative and the audiences are old, then the delivery might not be successful. Search-powered DCO requires data to power the messaging and optimize the creative based on real-time audience behaviors.

Captify uses organic search data to more efficiently convert consumers at the bottom of the funnel, driving personalization to find new audiences and reduce waste.

The creation and delivery of multiple creative designs were used to: 

  • Adapt in real-time to ensure relevant messaging for a range of audiences to appeal to unique lifestyles; each creative communicated specific moments and needs in order to connect different audiences to Old El Paso.

  • Incorporate dynamic creative driven by specific days of the week, ultimately driving a search uplift for Old El Paso of four times the normal increase for audiences.

  • Drive associations with pre-planned moments such as “Fajita Friday,” to make Fridays synonymous with Old El Paso  

  • Keep a pulse on real-time data to target beyond OEP’s core audience to reach smaller households and a new date night audience, ultimately resulting in an increased engagement rate of 1.3%, compared to industry benchmark of 0.5%. 

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