Yumi Co-Founder Swings Big & Hits Her Target

Behind the Scenes with Evelyn Rusli

Yumi's Evelyn Rusli talks startups, taking risks, and making her own luck.

I've had the opportunity to connect with and learn from executives of major brands at MediaPost's Insider Summits. In the process I've discovered some truly impressive women -- not only for the work they do, but their stories behind the scenes. With Brand Insider: BTS, I get to pull back the curtain on some of the most influential women marketers as they talk about their path to success: the twists and turns, obstacles, inspirations and the valuable lessons learned along the way.

“Maybe we hit a wall, but we just got to keep trying to figure it out. We got to make our own luck, and so [it’s] that ability to bang your head against the wall repeatedly until you find another way.” A “way” that led to the fast-growing organic baby food startup, Yumi. As co-founder, president and CMO, Evelyn Rusli admits she struggled daily not to second guess herself, but tells me in this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, that it was the victories that gave her and her co-founder the confidence to move forward. Evelyn also talks about the naysayers early on, and realizing as women of color things were naturally stacked against them, but, as it turns out, the “research nerd” also had enough fire and drive to make things happen... like launching nationwide into Target! You can watch the entire conversation here:



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