Equifax Incorporates Into Audigent, Giving Brands Easy Access To Audiences

Audigent has integrated Equifax audience segments into its platform. The move gives advertisers access to anonymized data around insights such as how consumers earn a living and the types of cars they drive.  

Drew Stein, Audigent CEO, says the company also has partner agreements for data with Epsilon, TransUnion and Comscore. “We power more than one hundred thousand campaigns per month,” he says.

Companies previously built data management platform (DMP) segments, and connected them with demand-side platforms like The Trade Desk. But that creates static data sets.

“Many marketers think that buying a DMP segment is the same as buying a PMP segment, but they are not the same,” Stein says. “That’s a big misnomer. Buying data through the supply path has significant benefits. It’s dynamic and can be optimized in real-time. And it allows for newer and novel identity solutions to be applied in the future.”



Audigent combines data and inventory to create what Stein calls Smart PMPs (private marketplaces), which allow data to go through the supply-side platform (SSP) before being applied directly to the inventory.

“It’s a new way to think about and activate data in the programmatic ecosystem,” Stein said.

He uses the buzzword “robust” to describe the platform because two things must happen to meet the criteria in programmatic, scale and performance. "We marry the data with inventory to drive efficiencies and value for the product brands want to sell,” he says.

Audigent’s partnership with Equifax resolves several challenges and gives Equifax a new avenue to monetize data and a new way to work with media brands and agencies.

For buyers of brands, it allows them to access Equifax data sets. With traditional DMP segments, the backbone is IP addresses, cookies and other traditional ways of sharing data.

When using PMP data, it is applied directly through the SSP.  “It opens the door for more novel identity solutions that can help future proof the media buyers to buy against these data sets,” he said.

Advertisers can take advantage of the following audience segments inside of Audigent’s data-centric SmartPMP, ContextualPMP, and CognitivePMP products -- including automotive ownership by brand, Affluence Index and Economic Spectrum, B2B Industry-specific audiences, public administration workers, and job role and functions.

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