NP Digital Integrates ChatGPT Tech Into Products To Automatically Write, Optimize Content

NP Digital has integrated paid search data into its Answer The Public (ATP) and Ubersuggest technology, allowing marketers and search experts to use it as a ChatGPT Prompt idea generator.

“Everyone talks about ChatGPT, but there’s an issue,” said Neil Patel, co-founder of NP Digital, a search and performance agency. “How do you know what type of content to create around a specific search. You can create content around anything, but if no one reads it, it’s a waste.”

ATP relies on Google’s API that focuses on the most frequently asked questions, and then provides ideas around the queries asked. The topics are based on searches on data pulled from Google APIs, trend analysis, and from third-party providers.

The platform with identify popular and trending terms people are interested in today. For example, it will identify popular keywords around a topic like marketing, and then suggest the type of content people want to read about.

NP Digital’s technology will not only suggest topics for content, but within the next 60 days will have a feature that writes the content.

“We’re working on a release where the platform will write the article for you,” Patel said. “We’re working and testing it now. The topic suggestions and generating feature that tells you what’s popular is ready to go.”

Marketers will not only get topic and title ideas, but have the ability to click a button and have the platform write and optimize the content for search engines.

Patel looks at ChatGPT as a starting point for content, not an end point. Marketers need to add personal storytelling, he said, the kind of stuff that a person only knowns from their own experiences.

The technology behind ChatGPT works by asking it questions to get answers and refining the questions with more questions to get the best answers or outputs from it. ATP provides ideas and questions that are most frequently asked and different ways they are asked by using the billions of searches performed on Google.  

He said eventually the company will offer paid versions, but a portion of the feature will always be free to use.

NP Digital also released a feature that gives users in-depth search volume and cost-per-click data. The addition supports content creators and marketers seeking to boost their online presence.

The company’s goal is to provide users with the ability to generate content based on the keywords and ideas found on the platform using the same technology behind ChatGPT and other OpenAI products.

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