Coach Opens First Concept Store, With More To Follow

Experiential design and fabrication shop Pink Sparrow has partnered with the iconic Coach brand to create the company’s first concept store—located in Chicago.   

Celebrating community, environmental consciousness and individuality, the 3,000-square-foot Chicago outpost opened on Feb. 24 and will be open for one year.

Plans call for a Singapore store to open in March and another in Tokyo in April.

All outposts will feature Coach’s latest collection of ready-to-wear, handbags, leather goods and accessories merchandised as all-gender throughout the space.

And according to the brand, each store will also be designed with the charm of the local community in mind. 

The Chicago store’s design for example, features street signs and a baseball glove art installation to reflect the city’s spirit, with nods to history and colloquialisms.



Pink Sparrow also prioritized utilizing eco-friendly construction materials and sustainable production methods in the fabrication of the interior display elements. 

The Chicago space also features a large craftsmanship bar where guests can personalize Coach bags with monograms, embellishments, and digital prints, including patches and pins exclusive to the Chicago store. The brands customization service is known as Coach Create.

“Coach Chicago’s design balances old and new—honoring the brand’s legacy with vintage, recycled pieces while looking toward its future with an updated color palette and contemporary furnishings,” said Anthony Santiago, Managing Director at Pink Sparrow. “We worked with Coach on this project with Chicagoans in mind, and the final product includes local touches special to those who live in the city.”   


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