GumGum Guarantees Brand Safety From Harmful Content On Its Ad Exchange

All impressions running on GumGum’s ad exchange will now have enhanced brand-safety protection through Verity, the company’s proprietary and accredited contextual intelligence platform.

The base layer of protection guarantees that every impression is free from unsafe content categories by filtering out unsafe imagery in addition to any natural language categorized as hate speech.

Any media buyer has the ability to access high-performing inventory that is exclusive to GumGum through a demand-side platform (DSP) partner like Xandr or The Trade Desk, without a managed deal or campaign by GumGum account team.

The enhancement solves a couple of challenges. It ensures advertisers and brands that ads will be served in environments secure against extreme content. For GumGum, it gives its exchange, despite being made up of high-quality premium publishers, credibility despite being smaller than some competitors, according to Adam Schenkel, executive vice president of Global Platform Strategy and Operations at GumGum.

Advertisers typically add brand-safety layers on their own through a pre-bid solution or their own safety filters, but GumGum takes on this responsibility to ensure supply-side safety by integrating an additional layer of protection in their exchange with Verity, he said.

Verity is one of the first independent ad-tech platforms to receive content-level accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for contextual analysis, brand safety and suitability across the web and connected television (CTV). This accreditation was granted as a result of Verity’s ability to analyze all content signals in a digital environment, including text, images, videos, and audio, to ensure ads are not served against extreme and unsafe content. 

GumGum also integrated with NewsGuard in early 2021 to help stop advertising dollars from funding misinformation. Advertisers are still struggling with funding mis- and disinformation, but NewsGuard prevents advertisers that use its platform and exchange from doing so. NewsGuard assesses and grades domains, with high scoring domains being deemed as credible and reliable, to low scoring domains being deemed unreliable.

In addition to accreditation by the Media Rating Council and integration with NewsGuard, GumGum also integrated with MediaGuard by HUMAN in 2019. HUMAN safeguards the internet from cyberattackers, bots, and fraud by verifying trillions of digital interactions each week.

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