Adobe AI Tech For Prudential Financial Means Personalization For Clients

Prudential, a global financial services company with more than 50 million customers in 50 countries, is leveraging Adobe technology — artificial intelligence (AI) and data— to develop content and personalize experiences for clients.

The experiences and content are based on a complete view — needs and behaviors — of Prudential customers. The insight comes from listening to and learning from them, and then using that continuous feedback to deliver technology, products, and services that help solve financial challenges.

Susan Somersille Johnson, CMO at Prudential Financial, believes around 106 million Americans do not have enough life insurance and 50% of Americans fear they will not have enough money for retirement.

The focus on personalization through technology creates better experiences and expands access to financial security for a broader, more diverse range of customers.



“More than half of consumers say they will stop purchasing from a brand that does not provide personal experiences they value,” Somersille Johnson said.

Somersille Johnson and many financial advisors and companies think AI, technology and personalization can change that by predicting how and when the client requires certain services.

Adobe supported Prudential through a collaboration known as the Prudential Personalization Platform, which initially launched across the U.S. Brazil and Japan. It’s powered by Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform, an application running on the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). It’s used as the foundation for data.

Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, and Marketo Engage are some of the other platforms being used to deliver AI-based technology and personalization for consumers, advisors, investors, and employers.

Through this integration, Prudential now can find timely insights on customers as investments change and are challenged.

The financial services company also is using Adobe Workfront and Adobe Creative Cloud internally to build an integrated, open-content, AI-powered platform that helps creative personnel and marketers to better plan, create and deliver high-impact content.

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