Reddit Contextual Keyword Targeting And Product Ads Launch

Reddit on Friday introduces Keyword Targeting and Product Ads, two new Reddit advertising solutions aimed at supporting advertisers on the platform, as contextual advertising and product ad targeting continues to expand outside of search.

Users on the Reddit platform contribute to more than 400,000 conversations on the platform. Each second, an average of two questions are asked on Reddit that receive an average of 19 responses.

Keyword Targeting places advertisers at the center of conversations taking place on Reddit, allowing them to select specific keywords to associate with their brand to add relevance.

The new feature unlocks value for advertisers not only as conversations unfold, but long after.

Contextual Keyword Targeting allows advertisers to reach people in contextually relevant placements that can result from searches done by people both on and off Reddit. 

After adding keywords to a campaign, ads will appear in the conversations page on Reddit and allow brands to take part in the conversation happening across the platform.

The company believes that with more than 13 billion posts and comments, Reddit has become “one of the internet’s largest open archives of human experiences.”

Product Ads is Reddit’s latest advertising format, aimed at connecting brands with consumers when they are already researching information and products and ready to make a purchase decision. 

One major reason that people come to Reddit is to get information through discussions. It created an environment to discover new brands and products. With so much direct traffic to Reddit conversation threads originating from high intent organic searches or research sessions, Contextual Keyword Targeting becomes a key for advertisers.

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