Salesforce Launches AI Cloud, Enterprise Gen AI Platform

Salesforce has introduced a tool that it says can help marketers deploy generative AI across the enterprise. 

The new offering, AI Cloud, brings generative AI to these new products, including Sales GPT, Service GPT, Marketing GPT, Commerce GPT, Slack GPT, Tableau GPT, Flow GPT, and Apex GPT. 

AI Cloud also features Einstein GPT Trust Layer, an enterprise risk-reduction capability that will enable brands to meet their enterprise data-security and compliance requirements, the company says.

Salesforce cites research showing that 73% of employees believe generative AI introduces new security risks. Moreover, nearly 60% of those who plan to use the technology don't know how to keep data secure.

In addition, AI Cloud will enable sales representatives to auto-generate personalized emails tailored to their customer’s needs, and service teams to auto-generate personalized agent chat replies and case summaries.

In addition, marketers can auto-generate personalized content to across email, mobile, web, and advertising. 

Marketing GPT is now in pilot and will be generally available next February. Slack GPT is now in beta and will be generally available later this year. Tableau GPT will be in pilot in November. Most of the other tools are now available.

“AI is reshaping our world and transforming business in ways we never imagined, and every company needs to become AI-first,” says Marc Benioff, chair and CEO, Salesforce. 

AI Cloud is designed to host LLMs from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Anthropic, Cohere and other platforms.

Salesforce has also formed a partnership with OpenAI to provide joint content moderation using OpenAI’s Enterprise API. 

One option is Bring Your Own Model (BYOM), for companies with domain-specific models outside of Salesforce such as Amazon SageMaker or Google's Vertex AI. These can connect directly to AI Cloud through the Einstein GPT Trust Layer

One Salesforce client is AAA.  “Our goal is to deliver more personalized member engagement, make our processes more efficient and cost-effective, and drive innovation across our team within a safe and trusted environment,” says Shohreh Abedi, executive vice president, chief operations technology officer, and member experience at AAA – The Auto Club Group. 

Abedi adds: “We're accelerating our digital transformation with Salesforce, and AI Cloud will help us implement AI across our entire business, including devops, support, sales, and underwriting.”

Another client is RBC US Wealth Management. Greg Beltzer, head of technology for RBC US Wealth Management says: “We believe that this technology has the potential to transform the way businesses interact with their customers, deliver personalized experiences, and drive customer loyalty."

The AI Cloud Starter pack is available with the building blocks Data Cloud, MuleSoft automation, Einstein, Tableau Analytics, Slack, CRM. Salesforce Professional Services also offers a free AI-readiness assessment.


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