MikMak Acquires ChannelAdvisor's Shoppable Media, Brand Analytics Product Lines

Nine years ago, Rachel Tipograph founded MikMak, a global software platform to some of the largest multichannel brands in the world. Now she is leading the consolidation of the ecommerce and analytics software space.

This week the 36-year-old CEO of MikMak acquired ChannelAdvisor’s Shoppable Media and Brand Analytics product lines from CommerceHub.

“We want to be the biggest software and analytics company for the biggest brands in the world,” Tipograph said. “To do that we need to ensure the majority of brands work with us.”

ChannelAdvisor was MikMak’s biggest competitor. When ChannelHub took ChannelAdvisor private in November, Tipograph took that as a signal to consolidate the space and integrate ChannelAdvisor’s Shoppable Media and Brand Analytics product lines.

Today, MikMak has more than 4,000 global retailers in its retail network. Tipograph also claims to have the majority of shoppable media impressions going through the company’s platform, with more than 1,200 of the biggest brands with the biggest budgets like Mattel’s Barbie.com, Samsung, LG, Microsoft, and many more.

The company is profitable now, as well as prior to the latest acquisition, which will increase annual revenue by 50%. 

Historically, MikMak supported categories were beauty, personal care, toys, and pets. The acquisition expanded the company into technology, consumer electronics and home improvement.

The acquisition is MikMak’s second this year. In February 2023, the company acquired Swaven, a French ecommerce analytics software company, to expand its global reach into EMEA, APAC and LATAM.

Prior to founding MikMak, Tipograph ran global digital and social media at the Gap, between 2011 and 2014, during the rise of social media.

Following the completion of this transaction and initial integration, CommerceHub and MikMak plan to form a strategic partnership to enable the two companies to jointly sell various complementary offerings.

“We want to be the domain experts in our space and add value whether that’s co-selling or strategic product integration,” she said.

Employee joined the company from around the world to support the product roadmap. Lots of changes in the works, she said.

The product roadmap for the remainder in the year includes “really big” strategic data partnerships, and a deeper dive into groceries. About 50% of the products its customers sell are found in grocery stores, with a large portion in food, beverages, and alcohol. There’s an opportunity to build software around meal planning.

MikMak also will roll out products based on artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, and commerce enablement by the end of the year.

Eventually, the ChannelAdvisor product names will dissolve into MikMak 3.0, and all customers will migrate to the new platform. The majority of the upgrade will occur in the next year.


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