Santa Claus Cited As Ultimate Influencer In Samsung Ads Data

Samsung Ads released data on Wednesday that notes the most important things to consumer this holiday season.

The consumer survey of holiday shoppers, about 600, fielded in November shows that getting a discount on a product or service is the most important piece of information they want to see in an advertisement this holiday season. 

When asked to cite what's important, 67% said seeing holiday cheer in an ad is effective, but 88% said discounts were more important based on skyrocketing costs -- higher food and gas prices--during these difficult economic times.

For those who celebrate Christmas and purchase a tree to decorate, the American Christmas Tree Association says trees can cost anywhere from $25 to $2,500. An average price of a six-foot fresh tree will run around $80 across the United States. The same size averages $100 for an artificial tree. 



Some 67% want the ad to feature the spirit of the holiday season, which is more than twice as effective as a celebrity endorsement, suggesting Santa Claus remains the ultimate influencer. Consumers still look for authenticity.

Some 75% state that ads on TV are influential in their holiday purchases. When it comes to end of year holiday season, 41% of consumers participating in the survey said post-Thanksgiving is the best time for holiday shopping ad timing. Some 39.46% said after Halloween, but before Thanksgiving.

The recall for holiday themed ads is more than nine-times more memorable than celebrity and influencer themed ads.

The National Retail Federation forecast that holiday spending is expected to reach record levels in November and December, reaching between $957.3 billion and $966.6 billion -- up about 3% or 4% compared with the prior year. Online and other non-store sales, included in the total, are expected to rise between 7% and 9% to between $273.7 billion and $278.8 billion. That figure is up from $255.8 billion last year.

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