Hilton Launches Hotel In Paris Hilton's Roblox World, Offers Real-Life Rewards

In its first foray into the metaverse, Hilton’s newest national advertising campaign will launch in Paris Hilton’s virtual Roblox world, Slivingland, offering visitors the chance to earn real-world rewards with the hospitality brand’s Hilton Honors program.

Paris Hilton's media company 11:11 launched Slivingland in August, hosting over 2 million visitors in the first month.

Now, the virtual city will feature a newly erected Hilton hotel lobby and a series of challenges that visitors can attempt in order to collect real-world loyalty points and benefits.

Eleven winners will receive a year of Diamond Tier Status at Hilton hotel locations, while 111 Roblox players will receive 111,111 points in the Hilton Honors rewards program. Additionally, Hilton says she will give away 50,000 digital wearables, including a new pair of Hilton Honors-branded holographic antlers.



To bring the hospitality company's campaign into Slivingland, Hilton reshot its latest “Hilton. For The Stay” commercial, which originally starred Paris Hilton herself, in a frame-by-frame replication using Roblox avatars.

“In 2024, we expect to see many top brands on Roblox tie their activations to the physical world in some way," says Stephanie Latham, vice president of global partnerships at Roblox. "Be it for program tie-ins or twinning fashion items inspired by Roblox collaborations or real-world commerce once it becomes available.”

“We are always looking for meaningful ways to engage our Hilton Honors members and connect with new travelers,” says Mark Weinstein, CMO at Hilton. “There is no better advocate and champion of the Hilton Stay than Paris Hilton.”

Hilton says that its Honors rewards program currently has over 173 million members who can redeem points for free hotel stays, purchases on Amazon, exclusive experiences, charitable contributions and more. The program’s Roblox presence highlights Hilton's attempt at attracting a younger generation of hotel visitors.

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