Average Household Tuned To 3 Or Less Streaming Apps, Q1 Study Finds

In the first quarter of this year, most U.S. households tuned in to three or fewer streaming or CTV apps on average, according to new research from viewer engagement company Tvision and digital media software company DoubleVerify.

The study says these results came via an average of 2.5 CTV devices, with viewers watching an average of 9.4 programs.

The top three streaming apps, in terms of share of time spent viewing, are YouTube (20%), Netflix (17%) and Hulu (10%). YouTube TV -- the virtual pay TV provider -- had a 8% share. Amazon Prime Video came in at 6%.

The top premium streaming platform in terms of household reach is Netflix, with a 64% share, followed by YouTube, at 57%; Hulu, 41%; Prime Video 34%; Max, 29%; Peacock, 23%; Disney+, 22%; and Paramount+, 21%.

The report noted that collectively FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) platforms were at a 24% household reach, up 9% from the fourth quarter of 2023.



Looking at “TVision Power Score” -- which factors in the amount of time viewers pay attention to the program; the amount of program time available for the season; a program’s reach; as well as the application’s reach -- Netflix had four TV shows in the top ten, Amazon (2), and Disney+, Peacock, Hulu, and Apple TV+, each with one.

The best TV program power score was Amazon’s “Reacher,” with Netflix’s “Griselda” in second place. 

When it comes to movies, Netflix had five of the top ten films, followed by Amazon with 2 and one each for Max, Disney+ and Hulu. Amazon’s “Road House” was the leader.

Looking more broadly at “Ad Attention,” premium CTV ad attention came in at 56.1%, topping linear TV’s 54.5% score. Non-premium CTV platforms were further down the list at 51.5%.

Linear TV still commands the best “presence in room” metrics  -- a 76% score. Premium CTV is next (73.9%) and non-premium CTV (71%). TVision defines non-premium CTV platforms as smaller, niche streaming apps.

In other results, the first ad in a commercial pod -- a grouping of CTV ads that are played back to back -- was found to perform best across both CTV and linear, in comparison to the second and third ads in a pod. Average attention for the first ad position in a pod came in at 59.7% (linear TV); 57.8% (premium CTV apps); and 53.6% (CTV apps).

Overall ads in shorter pods work the best, with viewers most engaged with prime-time ads.

The data for this TVision/DoubleVerify report comes from 5,000 homes across the United States and was collected from January 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

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