Identity Management Puts Email At Its Core

Brian Burke, vice president of product at AtData, has a new vision for the company he joined in May. Part of his vision is to ensure the advertising industry understands its transition.

“If I’m successful, the industry will view AtData as a forward-looking identity management company with email at its center,” he said. “Name and address have been at the core of identity, but if we look into the future with programmatic and digital, the concept of terrestrial identity loses its meaning.”

Burke, the former vice president of product at Verisk, took the position at AtData to change the way the industry views the company.

AtData, a data driven tech company, processes 175 billion emails monthly. “I don’t see email going away anytime soon, but I do see the media becoming the center of identity,” said



Not all believe as he does. Burke calls email the future of consumer identity, especially in an industry supported by artificial intelligence (AI).

AtData’s fraud-prevention models use AI and machine learning (ML) to signal risk, but there are plenty of opportunities to use the technology in marketing and advertising. And he believes AI will play a bigger role in identity management.

“There will be stronger tools for machine learning and discovery in datasets to unlock all types of new signals and assets that are obscure to us today,” he said. “I look forward to the day I can tell AI to build out an interface with specific requirements and then use it.”

AtData in May announced the appointment of Burke, who is a veteran with more than twenty years of experience working in identity data products and marketing solutions. He has a unique perspective on the identity landscape after working at Verisk, and spending more than 10 years at Infutor.

He led the product management team at Infutor through its acquisition by Jornaya, a wholly owned subsidiary of Verisk, to form Verisk Marketing Solutions in Feb. 2022.

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