Daily Online Examiner Editions for July 2015
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, July 31, 2015
Appeals Court Sides With Netflix In Privacy Battle Over Home Page
Advertisers Say 'Right To Be Forgotten' Conflicts With Free Speech
Audience Partners Receives Voter-Targeting Patent
Broadband Providers Ask Court To Vacate Net Neutrality Rules
Lawmaker Wants Industry Standards For Facial Recognition Technology
Hulk's Suit Against Gawker Put Off Until 2016
Relativity Media, In Chapter 11, Owes Millions For Unpaid Ads
Trade Group Wants Modernized Wired Media for IoT
PSC Slams Feds For Failure to Notify Employees About Data Breach
Investors Zero In On Ad Fraud Detection
The Unsurprising News That Online Video Is Taking Over
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, July 30, 2015
Data Caps, Throttling Top List Of Net Neutrality Complaints
Comcast Customer Service Ranked Worst In Country
Google Refuses To Broaden 'Right To Be Forgotten'
Congress Asked to Let Marketplace Decide on IoT
Hacker Creates Gadget To Take Over OnStar-Equipped GMs
Is NBCUniversal Pumping $250M Into Buzzfeed?
AudienceScience Launches Cross-Device Targeting Technology
Facebook Tests Profile Tagging
Location Tracking Is The New Attribution Engine
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Amazon Draws Support In Battle Over Search Engine Results
Mississippi AG Tried To 'Coerce' Google Into Censoring Search Results, Company Says
15% Of Americans Don't Use Web
Researchers Tackle Keystroke-Based Profiling With New Browser Plugin
Verizon Wireless Offering HBO Now, No Strings Attached
Newsroom Headcounts Fall Again
Amazon, Google Want Drone Shopping Delivery Regulated
Hackers Target Gmail Users in Spam Campaign
Google Changes Commenting Behavior Across Apps
59% of Businesses Leverage IoT Data for Digital Marketing
Consumers Greet The Day With Social Media Apps
Mobile TV Watching Rises For Older Viewers
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Illinois Sheriff Ordered To Stop Lobbying Against Backpage
Conan O'Brien Accused Of Stealing Jokes From Twitter
AT&T Presses Regulators To Drop Complaint Over Throttling Policies
Congress Takes Up Issues Around IoT
Facebook Must Allow Fake Names, German Authorities Says
Some Digital Publishers Are Wary Of Ad Tech
NYMag Negates Hackers With Social Media Smarts
Publishers Using Google AdSense Face Consent Policy Across EU
Facebook Opens Up Internet.org
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, July 24, 2015
FCC Approves AT&T's Merger With DirecTV, Imposes Net Neutrality Conditions
Georgia Sues PublicResource.org For Posting Laws
Mississippi Law Enforcement Officials Plotted 'Media Blitz' Against Google
Congress to Consider National Data Breach Law
Digital Political 'Microtargeting' To Be Tracked By New Tech
EU Investigates Hollywood And Sky TV's Geo-Fencing Movies
Dmail Promotes Self-Destructing Emails
Spike In Yahoo Searches On Mozilla Firefox Declining
A Hacked Jeep Is Just The Tip Of A Very Scary Iceberg
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, July 23, 2015
Apple's Streaming Music Service Could Lead To Higher Prices, Lawmaker Warns
Euro-Pro Should Stop Bragging About 5-Star Ratings, BBB Says
Consumer Groups Protest AT&T-DirecTV Merger
One In Five Brits Is A Copyright Pirate
4As Launches Digital Ops Committee, Will Focus On Supply Chain Issues
Mobile Ad Fraud Could Cost U.S. Advertisers $857 Million Yearly
Consumers' WiFi Expectations Unmet
Targeted Ads Could Be Based on What Is Affordable
Zuckerberg Moves Closer To Becoming World's Richest Person
Using Search Data To Personalize Prices, Discounts Online
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Senators Want FCC To Restrict Behavioral Advertising By Broadband Providers
Microsoft Accused Of Spamming Mobile Users
FCC Chairman Backs AT&T's Merger With DirecTV
Microsoft Bing Takes Step To Stop Revenge Porn
Why Copyright Law Won't Help Ashley Madison
Verizon Explores 'Zero-Rating' For Upcoming Video Service
Your Flight Itinerary, Travel Timelines With Photos Serve Up In Search, Maps
Publishers Can Now Customize Videos On Facebook
Digital Publishers Struggle With Dark Legacies
BBC IPlayer Watched By 60m Worldwide Illegally
Hackers Remotely Shut Down a Jeep at 70 MPH
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Lawmakers Take On Internet Of Things With New 'Spy Car Act'
Uber Can't Shake Text-Spam Lawsuit
Will 'Direct Response' Ads Undermine 'My Response' To Instagram?
TAG Taps Google To Power Collaborative Bot Blacklisting Effort
American Cable Association Says FCC's 'Transparency' Obligations Too Time-Consuming
Sling TV Spot Shows Pesky Bullies As 'Old TV'
Google Prepares Brands For New TLDs In Search
Virgin Media Shutters Email After Google Stops Supporting Gmail for ISPs
Smartwatches Open to Security Attacks, Says Report
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, July 20, 2015
Media Companies Side With Spokeo In Fight Over Incorrect Data
Google Defeats App Purchasers' Privacy Lawsuit
U.S. Ad Demand Begins Seasonal Decline, Digital Continues Secular Expansion
Netflix Projected To Double Streaming, May Hike Cost
Instagram Backtracks After Seizing Account
Charter Enlists New Lobbyists For Time Warner Merger
Why Amazon's Prime Day Is All about First-Party Data
The Problem With Facebook's 'Real Name' Policy
Adult Website Ashley Madison Reports Data Breach
Consumers Warm to Biometric Authentication
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, July 17, 2015
Supercookies, Digital Fingerprinting Undermine Trust In Web, W3C Says
Web Video Streamer 'Potentially Entitled' To Compulsory License
Gawker Takes Down Widely Criticized Post
Why The Biggest Debate In Advertising Is Irrelevant
Hulu May Debut Ad-Free Service
FCC Chairman Hails Lafayette's Muni-Broadband Success
Corralling the Data Around Mobile Shopping
'National Journal' To Shutter Print Edition
What's The Fine Line Between Gray From Black Hat SEO
Democracy.io Aims to Make Emailing Politicians Easier
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