Digital News Daily Editions for July 2019
Digital News Daily - Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Snapchat Launches First Paid Media Campaign For Its Own Brand
Sen. Hawley Targets Infinite Scrolls, Autoplay, Other 'Addictive' Big-Tech Practices
YouTube Rolls Out CPM-Based Masthead Buys
National TV Q2 Viewing Down, But TV Advertising Stable
DirecTV Now Rebranded As AT&T TV Now
Facebook Updating Page Posts, Ads On Mobile
Ad Inventory Bigger Part Of TV Distribution Deals
Forget Cord-Cutting -- Nielsen Data Reveals Americans Are Cutting TV Channels, Too
Facebook To Challenge Robo-Texting Ruling
Google Tops Accuracy Rates For Interpreting Queried Images
Websites Lose Revenue Because Of GDPR: Study
New Adobe Tools Are Aimed At Data Scientists
Digital News Daily - Tuesday, July 30, 2019
Analyst: Cord-Cutting Has Gotten 'Freakin' Ugly,' Ad Growth Also Suffering
National TV Ad Q2 Revs Mostly Flat, But CBS, Discovery Record Uptick
Google Hit With New Privacy Suit Over Voice Recordings
Microsoft's GitHub Restricts Use By Developers In U.S.-Sanctioned Countries
Proposed Bill Could Curb Content Moderation By Web Companies
Dish Network: Lower Q2 Revs, Deals For T-Mobile/Sprint Wireless Spectrum
Microsoft Acquires BlueTalon Privacy, Governance Services
Capital One Says Data On 106 Million People Was Stolen
EU Pushes For More Sites To Obtain Informed Consent
VidMob Commits To Global Expansion, Former Facebook And JWT Digital Exec Runs EMEA
Google Patent Identifies A 2-Piece Ad Based On Interaction With Content
Subscription Costs Pile Up
Marketers Become Interlocutors Between Technology And Audience
Let's Get Real About Tech And The Consumer 'Experience'
Digital News Daily - Monday, July 29, 2019
Amazon Allows Fire TV Ad Buys Through Dataxu, The Trade Desk
Privacy Advocates Seek To Intervene In FTC Settlement With Facebook
Twitter Revs Hit $841M YOY, Ad Engagement Drives Increases
Justice Department Endorses T-Mobile Merger With Sprint
Mobile Spend Takes More Than Half Of Search Budgets
Tech Industry Backs Amazon In Battle Over Defective Merchandise
Charter Communications Loses 150,000 Video Subscribers, Internet Revenues Up
Needham Analyst Values YouTube At $200 Billion As Stand-Alone Business
Microsoft Begins 2020 Fiscal Digital Decade With New Vision On Data
InsideView Adds Features To Replace
It's The Ecommerce, Stupid
Digital News Daily - Friday, July 26, 2019
NYC Lawmaker Proposes Location Privacy Bill
Poll: $21 Is The Sweet Spot For Total Monthly Streaming Services
CBS Reports Spike In All Access Subs During Ongoing AT&T Blackout
NBCU Streaming Service Slated For April 2020, Propelled By 'The Office'
AT&T TV Launch: For Now, It's Only A Test
Pinterest Lets Brands Create Ad Campaigns From Mobile Devices
Democratic Candidate Gabbard Sues Google Over Ad Account Suspension
Comcast's Mixed Q2: Higher Broadband Revenue, Declining Video
NBCU's Upfront Hits $7B, Digital Up 50%
Google Reveals BIMI Involvement, Will Run Pilot Next Year
Brands Are Challenged By The Tech Ecosystem, Study Finds
Phishing Emails Cost Many Brands At Least $100,000
Can Algorithms Feel? Use Emotion To Elevate Search Engine Marketing
Digital News Daily - Thursday, July 25, 2019
Will New FTC Restrictions Really Transform Facebook's Practices?
Facebook Privacy Settlement Panned By Advocates
AT&T Chief Talks Live Sports Plans For HBO Max, Ongoing Blackouts
AT&T Posts $1.8B In Q2 Ad Revenues, Xandr Revenue Higher
Snap Ups Growth: Hits $388M In Revenue YOY, Adds 13M Users
FTC Sues Cambridge Analytica Over Facebook Data Grab
Videa Offers Forecasting Ratings Tool For Media Buyers/Sellers
U.S. Investigates Alphabet's Work With Chinese Government, No Concerns With Google
Study Says There's Nothing Anonymous About Anonymized Data
Phoning In The Holiday: Most Shoppers Will Research Purchases On Mobile
What's An Amazon Ad Worth? More Than You Think
How Much TV Do You Actually Watch?
Bustle Digital Acquires Inverse Site, Lays Off 5 Staffers
Rethinking Price Points For Movies, Streaming TV
Magazines Record Consistent Follower Growth On Instagram
Digital News Daily - Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Report: Gen Z, Millennials Unhappy With Social Media's Impact On Their Lives
FTC Settlement: Facebook To Pay Unprecedented $5B; Zuckerberg, Independent Officials Must Certify Privacy Protections
Tech Giants Face Full-Blown Antitrust Probe
New Microsoft 'Experiments' Feature Lets Brands Test Ad Campaigns
Yahoo's $117 Million Data Breach Settlement Moves Forward
Facebook Defeats Russian 'News' Agency's Censorship Claim
Google Sets Deadline For User Data Policy Changes
Amazon Takes Google Ad Market Share, Microsoft Advertising Holds Strong
Messenger Kids App Fails To Protect Minors
Xandr's Community Adds Partners: A&E, AMC, Cheddar
Is Netflix Facing A Quality Issue?
Data Does NOT Equal People
How Brands Can Use Podcasts To Appeal To Multicultural Audiences
Digital News Daily - Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Twitter Taps Gap Kim To Head Global Marketing
FTC Reportedly Poised To Fine YouTube Over Children's Privacy Violations
Google Search Engine For Toddlers Detailed In Patent
Google Agrees To $13 Million Wi-Spy Settlement
Google Reportedly Paying $5 For Your Face Specs
Solutions To Track Ads Through The Supply Chain
Equifax Fined Up To $700 Million For 'Basic Security Failures'
Google Chrome Browser Update Stops Paywalls From Blocking Incognito Mode Visitors
Meredith TV Continues Blackout, Dish/Disney In Talks For FX, Nat Geo
Borrell Data Shows Local SMBs 'Bewildered' By Expanding Marketing Channels
EverTrue Adds Data To Fundraising Profiles
Lies, Statistics And Digital Advertising Growth
Will Users Ever Get Centralized, Cross-Platform Video Content Access?
California Privacy Law Could Be Basis For Federal Framework
Digital News Daily - Monday, July 22, 2019
Centro, FreeWheel Team For Real-Time Discrepancy Resolution
CBS Goes Black For 6.5 Million AT&T DirecTV, U-verse Subscribers
Amazon Changing Rules For Third-Party Sellers Worldwide, Germany Drops Probe
Microsoft Reports $33.7B Q4 Earnings
Microsoft Cites LinkedIn's Contribution During Earnings Call
Data Firm Giant Partners Acquires Worxstudio Agency
Amazon Warns New Court Ruling Will 'Alter Vast Swaths Of Commerce'
Advocates Press For Role Crafting Privacy Laws
Google Focuses On Niche Local Events To Gain More Data
Cyber Crackdown: UK Agency Reports Dwindling Number Of Attacks
Summer TV Shows Record Weaker Numbers, 'Talent' In The Lead
How Streaming Service Subscribers Discover Content
How GDPR Affects Authentication: An Analysis
Digital News Daily - Friday, July 19, 2019
FaceApp's Broad Privacy Policy Draws Scrutiny
Netflix Remains Ad-Free, Keeps 'Brand Proposition'
New Netflix Narrative Predicts Heavy Streaming Traffic Ahead
Comscore Takes Another Stock Market Hit
Facebook Hides Like Counts In More Countries
Amazon, Google Questioned By Congress About Manipulating Algorithms
Google Sued Over 'Voiceprint' Collection
Ad Trackers On Porn Sites: Yet Another Diamond In Internet's Crown
Prime Day Propels 68% Jump For Other Retailers
Digital News Daily - Thursday, July 18, 2019
Snap Inc. Extends Sales Partnership With Baidu
Accordant Founders Muldoon, Greitzer Depart Dentsu Aegis Network: Succession In Place
Crossmedia, Former MDC Exec Partner To Provide Media, Data Expertise To Independent Agencies
European Commission Investigates How Amazon Uses Data
Spark Foundry, UM Split Mattel Media Business
Nielsen Strategic Review Poised To Resolve, Outcome Unknown
FTC To Review Children's Privacy Rules
Emoji Euphoria: People Love Them And Will Buy From Brands That Use Them
AT&T Hit With New Privacy Suit Over Location Data
How AI Blurs The Line Between Display, Search, Native And Programmatic
Google's Political Ad Transparency Data Reportedly Fraught With Errors
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