Email Marketing Daily Editions for July 2017
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, July 31, 2017
Zeta Global, AppNexus Partner For Personalized Omnichannel Marketing
Congress Urged To Sunset Scanning Of International Communications
Email Leads In B2B Sales Cadence, Study Finds
Microsoft Issues New Outlook Patches To Fight Vulnerabilities
Privacy Group Challenges Google Algorithm Tracking Consumers' Offline, Online Data
Marketo Briefly Loses Website And Email In Registration Lapse
Millennials Dislike Email Typos Above All Else
How To Leverage Artificial Intelligence
Millennial Votes Swung By Social, Older Demographics Prefer Papers
For Millennials, The Medium Is The Experience
Vendor Dereliction: Few Suppliers Deploying DMARC, Research Finds
Google Tracking Program Challenged By Privacy Group
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, July 28, 2017
The Email Privacy Act Makes Its Way To The Senate, Again
Digital IQ Is Declining, PwC Study Finds
Adobe Target Upgraded With Artificial Intelligence
Email Newsletters Still Drive Ecommerce
The Hidden Persuader: Email Drives Consumers To The Phone
Fosina Marketing Group Expands Email, Other Services
The First Rule Of Email Copy: Have A Strong Call To Action
Video Ad Engagement Metrics Are On The Rise
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 27, 2017
Email Seen As Top Internal Messaging Tool Through 2020
Google's Smart Reply Now Available In Spanish
California Retina Consultants Chooses Identillect
ESP Analytics Need A Makeover
Think Like Amazon: A Q&A With QwkBuy's Bob Delamore
What Your Analytics Team Needs To Know About GDPR
Why Email Marketers Should Use Machine Learning
Radio Guests Discuss Escape From Yahoo
Which Sales Prospecting Tool Is Best -- Growbots Or Zenprospect?
Google Named World's Top Brand By YouGov
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Email Scourge: A Quarter Of All Messages Are Spam Or Worse
State AGs Launch Anti-Malware Ad Campaign
Holiday Emails Pulled Lower Opens, Higher Conversions In 2016
Ibotta Boosts Email Engagement With Strategic GIFs
Skills That Digital Recruiters Want To See
EasilyDo Rebrands, Launches Revamped Mail App
Should Ebay Send Emails Alerting Shoppers About Cheaper Prices?
Email Is Thriving, Especially Among Millennials
Duke U. Blocked 1.3 Billion Spam Emails In 2016
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 25, 2017
HubSpot Acquires AI, Machine-Learning Startup Kemvi
Hundreds Of Firms Expose Emails Through Google Groups Error
Cordial Attracts Three New Clients
Email From 3.7 Billion Users
Researchers Use Blockchain To Track $25 Million In Ransomware Payouts
Email The Go-To Channel: Retailers Say It's Their Top Moneymaker
Court Finds Firm Was Insured For Loss From Email Spoof Scam
Could A Price War Be Looming In Email Marketing?
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, July 24, 2017
Will Email Age Out? No, Hi-Tech Could Drive Growth
Spectrum Works To Resolve Email Service Outages
Zintak Joins 6sense As CEO
Consumers Easily Click On Risky Links: Study
Data On Wealthy Wells Fargo Customers Released In Error
Google Agrees To Court Order Restricting Email Scans
Tax Pros Alerted Over Spear Phishing Campaigns
Debate On How To Close An Email Is Getting 'Warmest'
No Means No -- And A 'Really?' Could Soon Cost 20m Euros
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, July 21, 2017
Preparing Early Is Key For Retail Marketers' Holiday Success
Neiman Marcus Hit With Two Data Breaches Since 2013 Attack: Report
UK Website Hit With Fine For Sending Emails To Opt-Outs
Dynamic Yield Raises $9 Million In New Funding
Majority Of Emails Read On Mobile Devices
'Dark Web' Marketplace is Shuttered
Danish News Site Scores With Daily Email Newsletter
Deep Personalization: The Next Step In CRM Effectiveness
Oath Strikes Sponsorship Cycling Deal With Slipstream Sports
MessageGears Raises $2.75 In Funding
Skrill, Online Payment Service For Gamblers, Moves Into Email
People Want Stripped-Down Web Pages: Survey
Misty Copeland Leads Strong, Unique Women For Under Armour
Cyber War Is Hell: Cisco Posts Grim Email Crime Forecast
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 20, 2017
Senator Calls For U.S. Government To Adopt DMARC
Spam Makes A Comeback In Cisco's Cyber Security Report
U.S. Retailers Beat Global Firms In Cyber Security, Survey Shows
Draper Buys 10% Of Spam-Fighter Credo's Cryptocurrency
Dynamic Yield Adds Another $9M To Series C Funding
Ten Email Marketing Myths That Need To Be Busted
AWeber Offers Templates And Other Tools For Writing Emails
Integrate Raises $8 Million In New Funding
Predictive Technology: Going Beyond CPA
Samsung Voice Assistant Bixby Finally Rolling Out
Zero Sum B2B: Email Barely Tracks In Sales-Tech Survey
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 19, 2017
FTC Reviewing CAN-SPAM Act
Judge Kills Search Warrants Against Google, Microsoft And Yahoo
Zeta Global Acquires Boomtrain
Facts And Stats About Email Marketing
Campaign Monitor Unveils Email Analytics Platform, Insights
How Cold Email Can Help You Get Your First 100 Customers
SmartSoft Adds Email Address Validation API
Expectations vs. Reality In Email
Service Converts Email Content Into Web Pages
GenXers Favor Instagram And Other Social Media
Figleaves Chooses Adestra To Fuel Email And Data Integration
Email And Ecommerce Are Limited In South Africa
Scrub Up Your Copy: A Guide To Writing Email Messages
UK Digital Ad Budgets See Biggest Rise In Almost A Decade
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Help! Customers Value Service Above All Else
GDPR Woes: Companies Still Not Ready For Regulation, Study Shows
Are Emojis Losing Their Email Marketing Mojo?
Handshake Adds Services With MailChimp Link
Verst Partners With SendGrid To Help Publishers Deliver Content
The Art Of The Welcome Email
How To Fix Your Broken Email Marketing Program
Study Shows Email Is Still The Leading Channel
Move Over Millennials, Gen Z Is Bigger
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