• Guitar World Acoustic
    There are precisely two prerequisites for being a Magazine Rack columnist: one, the ability to read; and two, some minimal competence in arranging nouns and verbs in coherent working order. You can pretty much fake the rest. Nonetheless, every so often we (and by "we," I mean "I") decide to venture into areas of personal expertise, and it's Guitar World Acoustic's profound misfortune to catch me on one such afternoon.
  • O, the Oprah Magazine
    These days, Oprah sure isn't feeling the love for her former favorite memoirist, James Frey. But that's okay, since the February edition of her O Magazine is full-to-bursting with it. Love, I mean.
  • Natural Health
    If my body is indeed a temple, I spent most of Super Bowl Sunday defiling its interior sanctums and bowing before its false idols (chicken fingers, Yuengling, etc.). So as I contemplate with abject fear the prospect of a carrots-and-cottage-cheese lunch, I figure it can't hurt to turn, as I frequently do in times of emotional despair, to the warm embrace of the printed word. Hence today's quick romp through Natural Health.
  • mental_floss
    I'm the type of person who absolutely loves random tidbits of knowledge, whether it's useless information or actual content I can use in my everyday life. The January/February issue of mental_floss featured myriad tidbits giving me sufficient conversational ammo to spew at countless parties.
  • Best Life
    Here's the thing: while Best Life might not break any new topical ground, it transcends just about every men's-publication cliché. The publication does most everything better than its category peers, which makes for an engaging read.
  • American Photo
    Let's say you're a niche publication. You've accepted that your mission in life is to serve a certain select audience and that audience alone. So the obvious choice for the cover of your first 2006 issue is... Angelina Jolie?
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