Marketing Politics Daily Editions for December 2016
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Dec. 30, 2016
What 2017 Will Teach Us About Donald Trump
2017's 10 Big Political Questions
Believe Me: The Word Of The Year Was 'Fake'
U.S. Expels 35 Russian Diplomats Over Election Hacks
I Read The News Today, Oh Boy: Influencer Marketing In The Age Of Fake News
China Erects Trump-Like Rooster Statue In Anticipation Of Year Of The Rooster
3 Things 2016 Taught Us About Millennials' Relationship With Media
Pot Ads On The Freeway? Lawmakers Wrangle Over Legalization's Result
Another Tough Year For Twitter
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Dec. 29, 2016
2016: Turning Point In American History
'Washington Post' To Hire 'Dozens' Of Journalists
Spicer: Trump Won't Adhere To Traditional Media Practices
Journalism In 2017
UNICEF Revisits Mustafa, Malak
Sanders, Democrats Plan Day Of Action To Fight Health Care Cuts
Sexual Harassment Fueled The Top Stories In TV In 2016
Germany Considers Fines For Fake News
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2016
Earned Media, Strategic Timing Pushed Trump Over The Edge
Trump, Clinton Top Magazines' Most-Covered People In 2016
Research Says Gen Z Has Fairly High Degree Of Trust In Online 'News'
Clinton Voters Who Switched To Trump Last-Minute
Bipartisan Group Of Montana Officials Denounce Neo-Nazi March
Newspapers Record Strong Readership, Print Or Digital
Racial Amnesia Played Role In 2016 Outcome
Year in Review: The Biggest Media, Ad Stories Of '16
Comedy Or Tragedy? Whichever You Choose, Trump Was Year's Top TV Star
2016 Was Filled With Drama, Racism, Scandal and Rape Jokes
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016
Trump's Campaign Rallies Helped Sway Voters
Obama Says He Would Have Won A Third Term
Publishers Lobby Trump About Silicon Valley
Majority Of Voters Think Trump Should Delete Twitter Account
Using Multiple Social Platforms Linked To Depression
Hillary Clinton Thanks Supporters in Holiday Email
Minnesota Local Governments Criticized for Email Deletion Policy
U.S. Critical Of Chinese E-Commerce Site
News Networks See Big 2016 Gains, Non-News Channels Less So
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Dec. 23, 2016
Trump Names Spicer Press Secretary, Fills Out Press Office
Kushner Prepares To Sell 'New York Observer'
Law That Could Pose Serious Problem For Trump
DHS Begins Asking For Visitors' Social Media Info
The Rockettes To Perform At Trump Inauguration
News Cycle Sent Video Views, Ads Flying High
Putin, Trump Want To Bolster Nuclear Weapons Capabilities
All I Want For Christmas Is A Minimum Basic Income
The Year That Kinda Sorta Was For Millennials
Facebook Agrees To Settle Class-Action Over Message Scans
Chicago Mayor on Private Email Account: "I Wasn't Perfect"
FBI Said Past Behavior Led Them to Search Weiner's Email for Clinton Emails
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016
Glenn Beck, Samantha Bee Join Forces To Fight Trump
Search Engine Finds How Fake News Spreads (No, People Don't Search For It)
Trump Appears To Stand By Plan To Ban, Register Muslims
Oracle Petitions FCC To Reconsider Broadband Privacy Rules
Kellyanne Conway Appointed Counselor To The President
Uber Should Give Users More Control Over Location Tracking, Lawmaker Says
YouTube Star Claims Delta Kicked Him Off For Speaking Arabic
Orlando Victims' Families Sue Facebook, Twitter And Google
Hackers Erode Public Trust in Leaked Emails
Rahm Emanuel Admits to Having Used Private Email for City Business
U.S. Spies Want to Change Laws Governing Email Searches
Greek Anarchists Claim Acid Attack On Food, Beverages
Mayor's London Fireworks Social Account Won By Brawl
Australian Government May Soon Allow Email Data to be Used in Civil Cases
FCC Republicans Vow To Scrap Net Neutrality 'As Soon As Possible'
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2016
'Vanity Fair' Subscriptions Soar After Trump's Criticism
Rush To Collect Obama-Era Digital Footprint
Trump's Win Galvanizes The Progressive Base
Can We Please Give It A Rest About Fake News?
Silver Screens Slivered By DOJ: Screenvision Expands Footprint
White House Political Director Tapped As Obama Foundation CEO
Sinclair, Kushner Disagree About Trump's Media Access
'Time' Mag 'Year Ahead" Issue Highlights Syrian Refugee Babies
Repealing DACA Could Cost Billions
Liberals More Likely To Unfriend Over Politics
Turn Settles FTC Charges Over 'Supercookies'
Clinton's Lawyer Calls Out FBI for Releasing Search Warrant Ahead of Election
Black Lives Matter Hires J. Walter Thompson
EU Flexing Its Privacy Muscles Right Up Until Brexit -- Thank Goodness
Microsoft Scores Big Pentagon Contract
Judge To Decide Whether To Dismiss Washington AG Case Against Comcast
Facebook Charged With Misleading EU Regulators Over WhatsApp Takeover
UK Government Disappointed in EU Data Collection Law
EU Court Cuts Government Snooping Powers
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2016
What Will Donald Trump's Press Office Look Like?
3 WPP Firms Subpoenaed By DOJ
TV Spend Down $1 Billion In 2016 From 2012
Watson 2020: America's Self-Driving Presidency
NJ Assembly Backs Off Public Notice Change
Trump Wins Electoral College As Expected
When Fake News is Just Propaganda
Self-Driving Cars, Pokemon Go, Kim Kardashian Among 2016's Top Real-Time Trends
16 Top Media Losers Of 2016
FTC Urged To Investigate Google Over 'Dangerously Invasive' Privacy Policy
State Dept & Mills Attorneys Don't Want Deposition Videos Released in Clinton Email Case
Judge Orders FBI to Release Search Warrant in Clinton Email Probe
Twitter 'Pushes' Breaking News
Murdoch Claims He Has Never Asked A PM For Anything
Germany Could Hit Facebook With Steep 'Fake News' Fines
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Dec. 19, 2016
Anti-Trump Forces Need 37 Faithless Electors To Block Trump
50% Approve Of Trump Transition
'Electoral College' Becomes Hot Google Search Trend
Mossad Chief Meets With Trump
'WaPo' Bows Automatic Fact Checker For Trump Tweets
Infighting: Who Will Lead New Pro-Trump Political Nonprofit?
How Will The Media Industry Fare Under Trump?
Clinton Campaign Manager Has Barely Heard From the FBI Over Email Hack
No 'Sweetheart' Deal? Pull The Other One, Apple And Ireland
Russian Hackers Spoofed Harvard Email Address
Government Unveils Agency Roster List
Federal Judge Rules Against Apple In Patent Suit
Feds Charge Two 'Copyright Trolls' With Fraud
Apple And Ireland Apple Against EU's Tax Ruling
Record Label Urges Supreme Court To Hear Appeal Over 'Golden Oldies'
Bid-Rigging Probe Widens, DOJ Subpoenas 3rd Holding Co.
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Dec. 16, 2016
President Trump Blurs Line Between Public Service, Private Business
Cover Story: 'Harper's' Puts Trump Behind Bars
Obama On Russia: 'We Will Retaliate'
Obama Signs Law Protecting Consumers' Right To Post Reviews
Trump Reportedly Left Twitter Out Of Tech Meeting Due To Emoji Row
Facebook Attacks Fake News
Sens. Warren, Booker Strengthen Foreign Policy Experience With Committee Assignments
DOJ Subpoenas Omnicom As Part Of Bid Rigging Probe
Huma Abedin Never Saw a Search Warrant for FBI Email Searches
Advocates Seek New Privacy Regulations For Health Wearables
Kuoni Believes Brexit Will Not Deter Brits From Travelling
Irish Premier Admits Using Personal Email For Official Business
Open Internet Champion Wheeler To Leave FCC
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