Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for March 2020
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, March 26, 2020
Fighting Pandemic With Money, Senate Passes $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill
Why COVID-19 Is Like Being Stranded In The Arctic, And Why You Shouldn't Freak Out
Trump Must Face Claims He Retaliated Against Journalists
Trump's Twitter Blocks Violate First Amendment, Court Confirms
World Health Organization Labels Fake COVID-19 News 'Infodemic'
Consumers Vs. The Ad Trade: How COVID-19 Impacts Their Media Consumption
Fox News Virus-Infected Staff Now At 6, As Hosts Urge U.S. To Return to Work
Rhode Island Census Count Campaign Alters Course Amid Pandemic
Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter Organize Virtual Hackathon With WHO To Fight COVID-19
FCC Extends Deadline For Net Neutrality Comments
Watchdogs Want FTC To Demand Detailed Info About Children's Data
DoubleVerify Makes Rare Move With Ad Council, Recommends How To Address COVID-19
More Companies Join Ad Council, White House COVID-19 PSA Initiative
Automakers Shift Gears Into Medical Equipment Production
Consumers Cautious About Spending Stimulus Checks
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, March 20, 2020
You Don't Want To Make President Hulk Angry (It Will Scare You!)
Cover Story: When The World Stops
Government Plan To Fight COVID-19 Could Result In 'Wholesale Privacy Invasion,' Senator Warns
Facebook Fights COVID-19 Misinformation, Promotes CDC, WHO Health Reports
The Savvy Politician's Secret Weapon: Influencer Marketing
Maryland Passes Digital Ad Tax
Distilleries Want Tax Relief To Make Hand Sanitizer Instead Of Booze
No More Dodgy Buses -- It's Time To Regulate Political Ads
Kantar Analysis Indicates 2020 Ad Recession Likely To Be Fast, Pronounced For Most Media
Global Ad Outlook Revised Downward By Billions: Attributed To COVID-19, China
Poll: Nearly Half Of U.S. Doesn't Trust Traditional Media To Deliver Accurate COVID-19 Information
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Verily Coronavirus Site Overwhelmed, Requires Visitors To Create Google Account
An Ad Industry Forecast You Never Wanted To See
News Story Like This One Comes Only Once Or Twice In A Lifetime
TV Execs Focus On Consumer Demand, Some Politicians Push $1,000 Payments
National TV News Channels See Big Viewing Gains, CNN Soars
In Midst Of Virus Crisis, Dem Debaters Go Elbow To Elbow
Whipped Into A Frenzy
NBCUniversal, ViacomCBS, iHeartMedia Run Coronavirus PSAs On Donated Media
FTC Urged To Crack Down On Google Over Ads For Face Masks
No More Dodgy Buses -- It's Time To Regulate Political Ads
Report: Ad-Marketing Industry Fears Layoffs Due To Coronavirus
Toronto Firm Develops Pandemic-Focused OOH Platform
DoubleVerify Releases Guidelines Around Coronavirus Content for Brands
COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc On Already Stressed QSR Market
Arts, Alternative Magazines See Survival Threatened By Virus' Economic Impact
Marketing Politics Weekly - Monday, March 16, 2020
'It Would Be Great If We Could Really Give The News Correctly'
6.1 Million Homes Tune Into Biden/Sanders Debate
President No Longer Favored To Win Reelection, Biden Now Tied At Even Money
FCC Urged To Extend Deadline For Net Neutrality Comments, Due To Coronavirus
The Mismanagement Of Information During A Time Of Crisis
Alphabet's Verily To Launch COVID-19 Website Late Monday
New Federal Privacy Bill Would Let Consumers Delete Their Data
French Regulators Hit Apple With $1.23 Billion Fine, Charge Anti-Competitive Practices
The Most Important 'Scape' The Ad Industry Will Ever Need, Trust Me
'WaPo' Technology 202 Network Joins Tech, Consumer, Government Leaders
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 11, 2020
It's All In The Algorithms: Gmail Is Not 'Throttling' Candidates' Emails, Expert Says
How Much Have YOU Heard Or Read About QAnon?
Bloomberg Withdrawal Won't Curtail Local Political Ad Spending
Why Broad Targeting Could Be Ticket To White House
Kantar Study Finds Chinese Population Changed Media Habits To Research Coronavirus
Trump Stared, Boris Blinked, The Chancellor Let Off The Tech Giants
News Filter Bubbles Isolate One-Fifth Of Audiences
'Ok Boomer!' Let's Sort Out Hate Speech
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, March 5, 2020
Americans Becoming 'Sleepy Joes,' Even Republicans
The ROI Candidate
Local Political Advertising Estimate Raised 8% To $7.1 Billion
Tulsi Gabbard Loses First Amendment Lawsuit Against Google
Bloomberg's Collapsing Presidential Campaign Started With A Tweet
Tequila Brand Trolls Trump With New Campaign
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, March 4, 2020
The Billion Dollar Primary (And Then Some)
#LASA: Let America Sleep Again
Fox News Is First to Cancel An Upfront Over Coronavirus
Study Finds TV, Email Deliver Greatest Reach Among Super Tuesday Voters
Republican Mega-Donor, Now Twitter Investor, Seeks To Oust Dorsey
Sen. Markey Blasts Clearview, Renews Demand For Information
Dear Zuck, We Already Have Money -- We Don't Need Librarating
GroupM Issues Pandemic Alert: Reflects Tremendous Uncertainty
Coronavirus Scare Highlights Politicized News
Social Giants Contributing To Economic, Cultural Divide
Why The Success Of 'The New York Times' Is Good News For Journalism
MSNBC's Longtime 'Hardball' Host Matthews Retires