Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for November 2022
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022
'Freedom Of Speech, But Not Freedom Of Reach'
Apple Was One Of Twitter's Top Advertisers In 2022: Analysis
Elon's Inferno
IAE Tackles Ad Fraud: Says It's Not Just Illegal, But Has Big Ethical Issues For Media Industry
Broadcasters Push For Bill Allowing Them To Bargain With Tech Companies
Google, YouTube Donate $13.2 Million To Fact-Checking Network
Local TV Forecast To Sink 15% To $18.5B In 2023, Core TV Ads Up 3%
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Nov. 25, 2022
Vox Populi, Vox Dei: Musk Won't Own Twitter Much Longer
Voice Of The Consumer: Half Think Brands Are Right To Boycott Twitter
Pending Trump Merger Deal, Shares In DWAC Jump On His Twitter News
IAB And Others Want Supreme Court To Strike Down Florida Social Media Bill
FTC Presses To Proceed With Privacy Complaint Against Kochava
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022
Poll: Should @realDonaldTrump Have Been Reinstated Based On Results Of A Poll?
Publishers, Writers Wonder If Mastadon Can Replace Twitter
Appeals Court Sides With YouTube In Battle Over QAnon Takedowns
Advertisers Oppose Privacy Rules, Watchdogs Call For Curbs
Meta Introduces New Privacy Updates For Teens On Instagram, Facebook
What's Next For News?
News Media Alliance Urges FTC To Adopt New 'Data Poaching Rule'
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022
When The News Warrants It
Trump Asks Appeals Court To Revive 'Censorship' Battle With Twitter
IAE To Unveil Framework, Tools For Mitigating Greenwashing
IAB Says FTC Lacks Authority To Issue Privacy Rules
Twitter Ad Controversy: Does Environment Really Matter?
It Should Be No Surprise That Musk Is Messing Up Twitter
'The New Yorker' Relaunches Its Political Scene Podcast
One TV Political Message Ending Soon: The Deal On Steal - Try A New Meal
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Nov. 11, 2022
Take My Resignation, Please
Musk To Ad Industry: We Need To Improve The Signal-To-Noise Ratio
FTC Has 'Deep Concern' About Twitter: 'No CEO Is Above The Law'
Planned Parenthood Urges FTC To Issue Online Privacy Rules
Dentsu Makes A Case For Planning 'Carbon Budgets'
GroupM Forms Decarbonization Coalition, Invites Other Clients To Join
Study Finds Majority Of Americans Consider Themselves 'Climate Conscious Consumers'
Top Twitter Ad Exec Wheeler: 'I'm Still Here' -- Trust/Safety Director Roth Is Not
Twitter Senior Privacy, Cybersecurity Execs Depart, Could Be Fined Billions
Marketers Should Consider These Social Issues Before Reaching Out To Consumers
Senate Candidates Fought For Seats Primarily Through Negative Campaign Messages
IGNITE, Le Truc Activate Gen Z's Political Engagement Post-Election
Twitter Developers Attempting To Fix Gaps In Hateful Content Violations
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022
You've Heard Elon's, Now Here's My Endorsement
Elon Musk Suggests Independents Vote Republican For Control Of Congress
Republican Voters Are More Likely Than Democrats To Worry About Media Bias
Reproductive Freedom Campaign Reminds Michigan Voters What's At Stake
Kimmel Says ABC Wanted Him To Lay Off Trump And He Refused
Will Twitter Troubles Send Advertisers Running To Legacy TV News Networks, TV Stations?
GOP Senators Urge FTC To Scrap Privacy Rulemaking
Twitter Trying To Hire Back Dozens Of Workers, Bans Unlabeled Parody Accounts
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022
How Elon Musk's Meetings With Madison Avenue Went
TikTok Faces Threats From Both Sides Of Political Spectrum
'Chief Twit' Keeps Word, Will Slash Just 50% Of Workforce, Not 75%: Report
Dentsu Incorporates Carbon Into Media-Planning Systems
R/GA Teams With UConn, Connecticut Incubator To Back 'Future Climate' Ventures
TV Networks' Twitter Show Promotion: Can A 'Hellscape' Be A Good Thing?
Marines Target Politically Active Gen Zs With 'Shifting Threats'
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022
When Madison Avenue Freezes Over
Twitter: IPG, Havas Advise Clients To Pause Ads, Groups Urge Advertisers To Demand Content Moderation
Why Twitter's Ad Outlook Is The Real Hellscape
Sarah Personette Resigns As Twitter's Top Ad Exec
GARM Calls On Twitter To Uphold Harmful Media Pledge
No Joke, Says Comedian Leslie Jones: Get Out And Vote
My Dad And Kanye West
Fox's Cable TV Revenue Flat Amid Subscriber Decline, Political Ads Higher
Paramount Global Q3: Advertising Down 2%, D2C Subs Add 4.6M, Revenues Up 38%
Why Today's Brands Can No Longer Ignore Issue-Based Advocacy
Study: Political Advertisers Should Allocate 15% Of TV Spend To Streaming
PopSugar Collects Abortion Stories From All 50 States
Truthdig, Progressive News Site, Relaunches
Meta Receives MRC Accreditation For Parts Of Its Brand Safety Solutions
Political Ads Rising In Sports Programming: Viamedia